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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Episode II: The Dark Sword of Chaos - Act I

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1-1: The ninja art you have is the Throwing Star. It uses up 5 Ninja Power but is not used much. To use Ninja Power, hold the Up button and attack. You use Ninja Power automatically when clinging to a surface.

The first enemy of the game looks like a smaller version of the Barbarian (first boss of Ninja Gaiden 1). They pose no direct threat. Just slash them as they approach you.

In the first game, you could not scale the wall or non-ladder surface but in this game you can scale the wall up and down. Slash the red orbs to get powerups, lives, and ninja power. Some contain scrolls that increase your maximum ninja power as you start with 40 max by default. This first red orb contains the Fire Dragon Balls but they are only used usually to attack enemies below you at a 45 degree angle.

As with the first game, you can triangle jump up clingable surfaces that are close to each other. Now you pretty much only need to do this if you need to get onto a floor surface easier.

jump to the right and kill the mini-Barbarian in the process.

Those pesky bats are back too. Carefully slash them to death before they hit you and in later levels bump you into a pit. The orb on the upper left contains the Windmill Throwing Star.

The Windmill Throwing Star performs like a boomerang but can be dodged to make a single use last longer.

These beetles are best to be left alone here so they fall off but you can time a jumping slash to hit them then jump back onto the drum and onto the surface.

These orange arts now fill your Ninja Power to the max instead of 10 from before.

Kill this beetle and slash this orb for a Firewheel. It sends three wheels of fire at an upward trajectory.

These blue arts now give you 10 Ninja power instead of 5 from before.

Zig Zag up this wall to proceed.

An Invincible Firewheel is in this orb.

You can use it at will but it costs 15 Ninja Power. This would be a good spot to use it.

These pots are worths bonus points.

The left orb contains a Shadow Clone that mirrors your previous movements but slashes at the same time you do.

Climb down this ladder to get to the next spot.

Do the same for this ladder.

Kill these enemies as you come across them.

1-2: The first boss is Dando the Cursed.

Slash at him until he reaches near the center of the screen and run towards the wall and cling to it.

Dando comes charging in and rams into the wall. Jump off the wall and over him or he'll knock you off the wall and damage you when you fall on him.

Slash at Dando rapidly when he is recuperating then repeat the process.

Dando is down for the count. At least he will be when Robert pumps a slug into him during the cutscene prior to Act 2.