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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Sixth Gym - Fortree City

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In the middle treetop by the Pokémon center you can obtain a Tm.

Talk to the woman inside and say it in her Right hand, followed by right, and then left.

The tm is hidden power which can be any type depending on the Pokémon using it.

Now if you head toward the Gym you will find that you cannot reach it.

Leave the City for now and head to Route 120.

Theres a trainer as soon as you enter the route.

She will use Roselia, and


Head out a little farther in the Route.

You will find the reports waiing on this route.

Their Pokémon now being Exploud and Magneton. They will rotate between each of the positions you've seen them in after each battle.

Head south to find another trainer.

He will use Swablu.

Now cross the bridge to find Steven waiting for you.

Talk to him and he will reveal the secret of the unpassable walls.

They were really invisible Pokémon, Kecleon. You can catch or beat the Kecleon if you want. there are a few others on the route.

He will now give you the Devon Scope so you can find them yourself and then fly away.

Now head back to Fortree Gym and the Kecleon will run away.

Fortree Gym can be beat with Fire and Rock moves.

Now head through the bottom turn tile to continue.

Head through the second turnstile for the first Gym trainer battle.

He will use Skarmory.

For the next turnstile go to the middle of it.

Then move left.

Now go around it to face the double battle.

They will use Doduo, Swablu,


and Skarmory.

For the next turnstile you will have to go around once. Go through the first turnstile

Now make a left on the second turnstil so you ca ngo reset the first one.

Reset the first one to its original position then go through the second one again to reach the trainer.

Once through you can now face the double battle.

They have Doduo, Swellow,

Pelipper, and Xatu.

Now head all the way to the left to face the last Gym trainer.

He will use Tropius.

Now turn the turnstile by the trainer so you can get back out from the inside of it.

Next go through the one on the bottom right.

go through the one on the top right and go around.

Once back around reset the bottom right turnstile so you can go through.

Once you've done that head through it again.

You can now reach the Gym leader.

Go heal your Pokémon so you can battle Winona

Her first Pokémon Swablu should be beat with Rock Types.

Swablu knows Perish Count. if the Count reaches 0 all Pokémon who heard the song will faint that turn.

Because of that we both switch to different Pokémon then.

Her Skarmory must be beat with Fire moves.

She then brought out Swablu again which was easily beat with barely any health.

Her Tropius can easily be beat with Fire moves as well.

Her next Pokemon is Pelipper which is resistant to Fire moves.

A Rock or Electric, if you have it, move will take care of him.

Finally is her Altaria.

Altaris being her strongest Pokémon I decided to poison her.

I then fought her with my stongest flying type to counter any damage she would do, but Rock moves will be super effective.

With that we now have the Feather Badge.

This allows us to fly to any town we have been to before.