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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Fourth Gym - Lavaridge Town

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There isn't much to do in Lavaridge so once your healed and supplied up get ready to face the Fire Gym. Water Pokémon make it a cake walk.

Enter the Gym to find it incredibly misty. On the floor are holes which will teleport you to other areas or reveal trainers.

Head to the first hole you see by the Gym entrance.

Once through you will find another hole. Go up to it for a fight.

This trainer uses Slugma.

No head back throught that first hole to the Gym entrance. go North to the only other hole in the room to really start the maze.

once through the hole you will see a path with two holes on either side. go up to it for a double battle.

They use Numel and Slugma.

Now go to the hole directly straight ahead.

Once through you will see three holes in a triangle shape. Go to the bottom right of it to start a double battle.

They will use Kecleon and Numel.

Now if you go around to he area above them you will see two holes. the one on the right is a trainer.

This trainer has Numel.

Take the hole to the left of that fight.

There should be two holes above of you now. The one on the right is a trainer.

He will use slugma.

Now take the other hole on the left.

There are three holes in the room you are in now. the one on the top right is a trainer.

She will use Meditite.

Take the hole on the top left.

You will be in a room with two other holes now. take the one in the middle

You will see two holes on he bottom of this room. Take the bottom right one.

Now jump down the ledge of where your at right now then take the hole to the right of where you just showed up to find the Gym leader.

Heal up your Pokémon so you can face the Fire type leader Flannery.

If you don't have a water Pokémon have one that can use Rock attacks. Your Pokémon should be atleast LVL 25 to challenge her. Her first Pokémon being Numel.

Afterwards is Slugma who was easily washed away.

Her next Pokémon was Camerupt. Be careful if he uses Sunny Day. It makes fire attacks stronger and Water attacks weaker.

Her last Pokémon is Torkoal.

Because of Sunny Day it makes it a bit harder to beat him.

As long as you heal your Pokémon if it get past half health you should be fine in defeating her.

With that you will earn the Heat Badge.

Now jump off the Ledge and head ouside to find your Rival. They will give you the Go-Googles as a gift for beating Flannery. With this you can now head into the desert.

After beating Flannery you can now head back to Petalburg to challenge your Dad.

Your Dad has Normal types so prepare a fighting Pokémon near LVL 30 to beat him.

To get to your Dad you will need to beat three rooms straight of Gym trainers. I will show off each room starting with the one on the left, Speed Room.

The Speed Room trainer has a fast Taillow.

Left of the Speed Room is the Confusion Room.

The Confuse Room trainer has a Spinda using Confuse Ray.

And finally on the top is the Strength Room.

The Strength Room has a Zangoose with Sword Dance. If he uses Sword Dance enough he will be able to OHKO you.

And Finally the Gym Leader's Room.

Now I'm gona head back to the entrance to do the doors I didn't do. Starting with the ones not taken on the Speed door route.

Right of the Speed Room is the Defense Room.

This trainer will use a Wigglytuff.

The left door of this room is the Defense Room we already did.

Take the right door to reach the OHKO Room

This trainer will use Vigroth.

Next is the Gym Room so one more path through the door to the right of the entrance.

The right door of the initila room is the Accuracy Room.

This trainer uses Delcatty.

Take the right door to reach the Recovery Room.

The trainer of this room will use Slakoth.

Once you have finished all the rooms get healed up and make sure you have sufficient supplies to face your father.

Your Dad's first Pokémon is Spinda.

Spinda was easily beaten with a Fighting move.

Next is Vigroth which was also beaten easily by a Fighting move.

His Linoone is next which was also beaten by you gueesed it a Fighting move.

Now come the real battle his Slakoth.

Using a Fighting move with a Pokémon 2 LVLs higher than him only did about a third damageof his health while he did over half.

Make sure your constanly healed for this part of the fight.

The only reason this fight isn't any harder is because of Slaking's ability. He will randomly not attack.

Slaking also has Counter which will attack you with power twice what you hit him with if it was a Physical attack.

Not to mention a Situs Berry.

For this fight Attack when you have full health or near full health. If not just keep healing or he could easily take you out.

Once you beat your Dad you will get the Normal Badge.

While your Dad is congratulating you on your win Wally's Dad will show up and take you to his house.

He will thank you for being Wally's friend and give you the Hm Surf.

If you head back home now Mom will give you her number and

The Amulet Coin. If the Pokémon holding it participates in battle you will get double the usual prize money. From this moment on you will not buy anything except for a maximum of 20 of the latest potion. By endgame we need around 200,000 Poké dollars to pay for supplies for the Elite Four.

With Surf teach it to your Water Pokémon then head towards Route 103 where you first face your Rival.

Surfing across the water will show a double battle against some weak trainers.

They will use Tentacool and Marill.

Travel across the water to end up by the Trick House Route.

Now head over to Mauville. On route 110 by the fisherman there is an entrance to the lake there.

Go a little down to find a sign that Team Aqua vandalized.

Head to the right to find the entrance to a cave.

Inside is the entrance to New Mauville. But the door is locked.

Head to Mauville and in the center of the City is Wattson. He will give you the key and ask you to shut down the generators.

Head back to New Mauville and you can use the keys to get inside.

Once Inside hit the Blue switch you first see then go down the left path.

Next hit the first green switch you see.

Do not hit the next Blue switch you see but hit the one underneath the Escape Rope Item.

To the top right is an item ball that is really the Pokémon Voltorb.

Keep going and you will see two items on top of switches. You don't need to hit them so don't bother.

Continue and you will see another pair of items and switches.

Get the Full Heal on the right and hit the Green switch.

This room is the generator room. Hit the switch on the floor to shut it down.

Now head back and hit the Blue switch.

Ignore the next set of switches and his the Green switch that had a Voltorb earlier.

Now head past the Blue switch and take the right path. You will end up at the entrance.

Now go back and talk to Wattson and he will give you a Tm for you help. Now head to route 118.