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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Fourth Gym - Route 112

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The first thing you will find on this route is a double battle. Which i missed.

The trainer on the bottom will have Shroomish, and


The trainer on top has Numel.

Now if you head past here to the south you will have the desert area.

Now head North on the Route to find a Cool trainer waiting for a battle.

He has Electrike,

Makuhita, and


If you go a little farther there iss a guy a by a tree that will give you the Tm Secret Power. With Secret Power you can create a base.

A little farther ahead is a Rest Stop. Head inside to heal your Pokémon.

Now take the left path to face a trainer.

She will have Wingull,



Road to the Fourth Badge - Route 113

This Route is filled with soot covering the regular grass.

Now take the path through 113 past the ninja to face a trainer waiting to battle.

He'll have Trapinch.

Now head above the trainer and jump off the ledge there to face a double battle.

They have Koffing, Baltoy, and


Once you beat them a third trainer will immediately see and challenge you.

He has Aron.

Now go back and around them to reach the items. Including a Nugget of gold hidden on the tile behind the third trainer.

Now head left of the first trainer you fought to run into another trainer.

This trainer has a Numel.

A little past that are some twins.

These twins use Spinda.

Get past the twins to find the Glass Workshop.

Go inside and the guy will give you the Soot Sack. With the sack as you walk through soot filled grass the sack will collect the soot. The more more soot you collect the more items you can trade for certain items by the workshop.

Hidden under some soot to the left of the workshop is a ninja.

The ninja will use Koffing.

Continue on the path to the left to fight another trainer.

This trainer will use Aron.

Keep on going to reach the end of the soot filled path and another double battle.

These trainers will use Skarmory, Marill,

Swellow, and