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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Thirs Gym - Mauville

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Head in that first house you see to trade the Harbor Mail for a Coin Case. With that you can now gamble at the Mauville Game Corner.

Now go to the house on the right of the Poké Mart.

The man inside will give you the Hm Rock Smash.

Now head right of the Pokémon Center to find a Bicycle Shop.

Go inside and talk to the owner. Once you tell him you walked all the way here he will sympathize and give you one of two bikes.

It doesn't matter which bike you pick beacuse he will let you switch between the bikes when you talk to him. For now just use the Mach bike for the areas we're going to.

Now head to the Pokémon Center to heal then head to the Gym. There you will find Wally that thinks he has become a competent trainer and wishes to prove it by challenging you.

The only Pokémon he has is a LVL 16 Ralts so compared to your Rival this should be easy.

Now it is time to challenge the Gym. This Gym has an electrified grid that forces you to challenge atleast one trainer to get by.

The first trainers you see will be a double battle against Electrike, Meditite, and


Next the Trainer in the middle of the Gym.

He;; have a Zigzagoon, and a


Next you will have one last double battle. To test out the traps I challenged them to a single battle.

The trainer on the bottom has Illumise, and


Next the trainer on top.

He will use Voltorn, and


Now the Traps are very simple. Each Button on the floor is a switch. Each time you hit one it will go between on and off. You need the switch ON the Purple set of electrified bars to challenge the Gym Leader.

Now be prepared to Challenge the Gym Leader Wattson.

For this battle have Grass and Ground types moves handy with your Pokémon at a minimum of LVL20.

For his Voltorb I recommend using a Pokémon like Voltorb.

Continue using Ground type moves and whatever Pokémon you use against Voltorb be prepared for it to be unusable for the rest of the battle.

At some point in the battle against Voltorb assuming you don't OHKO(One Hit K-O) him he will selfdestruct. Most Pokémon will faint from this, but it isn't very effective against Aron.

His second Pokémon is Electrike. Using the Oddish I caught on the last Route I will poison his Pokémon then attack them with grass moves.

He will use Super Potions to heal his Pokémon, but just keep attacking.

If you need to heal just use the Soda Pop I recommended you stock up on.

After you beat Electrike he will use Magneton. Poison moves won't work on it.

To beat it you will need to attack with Fire or Fighting Moves.

His last Pokémon is Manectric. Manectric does a lot of damage will outspeed most of your Pokémon and Ground type moves is it's only weakness.

Because of this I recommend poisoning and attacking him with your strongest attacks if they can do some damage. As long as you can heal your Pokemon before before he faints them you will be able to win.

With his defeat you will get the Dynamo Badge from Watson

And the Ability to use Rock Smash.