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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Forth Badge - Route 111

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The first trainers you face here will use Roselia and Sandshrew.

Past them there is another double battle waiting for you.

they will use Numel and Shroomish.

To the right is another place you can do battle at post game. It also has a place to heal your Pokémon if you need.

Now to the left is the Winstrate family. Four battles in a row against their family. It can be tought if your unprepared.

The father will use a team of Taillow and Zigzagoon.

Next the Mother.

Her team will consist of Marill,

Shroomish, and


The daughter will also use Numel.

and finally the Grandma

All she has is Meditite.

Now if you go inside and talk to the Mother you will get a Macho Brace.

Now head North of the Winstrate House to see some breakable Rocks.

Now if you head past there you will see some reporters. You can challenge them to a battle in three areas and their team will grow stronger to a point.

They use Whismus and Magnemite. Afterwards they will ask you to be on Tv which you can decline or accept.

Past the reporters is a camper.

She has Shroomish and


There is another camper after her.

This guy uses Sandshrew.

North of that area is the Desert. You can't go through here at the moment so we have to take the long way.

Head left of the desert and you will find some grass. The grass here contains some Fire Pokémon that you will need.

Now to fight the camper below the grass area.

He will have Nuzleaf.

Now the camper on the left.

She'll have Taillow and


Now welcome to the base of Mt. Chimney

First lets beat the hiker on the right side.

He will use Numel and.


Now if you head to the entrance to the cable cars you will find Team Magma blocking your way. So for now we will head to Fallabor Town.

Go to the left side to find another hiker.

The only Pokémon he as is Geodude.

Now head through the Fiery Path. Their are more Fire Pokémon here if you want to catch some.