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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Third Gym - Route 110

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Head North of Slateport City to read Route 110. You'll run into Prof. Birch who travelled all this way just to give you his number.

Go up a bit to enter a double battle.

They'll use a team of Plusle and Minun.

Past them is the Trick House. The trick house is updated as you get more badges. I will explain the first part of it aswell as to get some extra Xp.

Go inside and you will see a sparkle by the table underneath the top right cushion. Go to it and press A to find the Trick Master. He'll then challenge you to a game to solve his Puzzle. You will need Cut for this one.

Touch the Scroll on the back wall to find a hidden passageway to his maze.

Go in to find a trainer.

She'll use Oddish.

Now head into thev after you use Cut. The second tree you see after this is where you wanna go.

Now you wanna use Cut at the trees and take the path until you get to the left wall. At the bottom of that past is a trainer and a scroll.

She has a Skitty,

Shroomish, and

a Marill.

Now if you look at the Scroll you will automatically remember the code to unlock the door.

Now head back near the first set of Trees to find one more trainer.

He'll use Zigzagoon.

Now go upto the door in the top right of the room to put in the code and it will open.

GO through to find the Trick Master waiting for you. He will give you a Rare Candy for your hard work.

If you leave the Trick House and come back you'll find the Trick Master preparing new traps for you. Beat more Gyms and come back to challenge him again.

Now if you head left of the Trick House theirs a couple trainers you can fight.

The first trainer will have Shroomish, and


The twins you see past that trainer use Plusle and Minun.

Theirs two more trainers past them.

The first trainer past the twins has a Skitty.

After him is a Fisherman who is really mad for some reason.

He'll have Magikarp and


Now the last trainers are behind the twins in the trees.

They'll have Makuhita and Voltorb

Now head right of the Trick House to head to Mauville.

The first trainer you find will have Aron and


After that battle make sure your Pokémon are healed to battle your Rival.

Your Rival will have 1 Grass, Fire, and Water type. One of those will be their starter. With that their other Pokémon will be Lombre,

Slugma, Wingull, Numel

Or Wailmer. As long as you have a Lotad and a flying type like Taillow the fight shouldn't be that hard.

After you beat your Rival they will give you a present.

Now go ahead in the Route for a double battle.

They will have Electrike,

Voltorb, Lombre,

and Nuzleaf.

Theirs one more double battle on the route.

Tou will have to fight a Mangemite and an Abra

Now head past all the grass to the last trainer of the Route, a fisherman.

He'll use Tentacool, and