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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Head to Route 106

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The path splits off for a bit at the Entrance of the route both with trainers.

The trainer at the bottom will use a Wurmple and a


The trainer on the top will have

a Machop.

Past them you will find a school girl

She'll use shroomish.

A double battle awaits you beyond

This battle will have Shroomsih some Geodudes and

a Lotad.

Another Hiker is past them

With more Geodudes

There are two people past here who had a run in with Team Aqua.

Both of whom you should remember for later.

Go into Rusturf Tunnel to find the Aqua Grunt.

He walked into a Tunnel with no exit so just go up and battle him.

All he has is Poochyena. Compared to a Gym battle this'll be easy.

Once you beat him he'll give you back the Devon Goods and return the old man's Peeko.

The old man will come in to get his Peeko. He'll reveal himself as Capt. Briney the owner of the Cottage from earlier. And now he owes you a favor.

Now go back and return the Devon Goods.

The man will be so overjoyed he gives you another Greatball and introduce you to the President of Devon Corp.

The President will give you a Pokénav and ask you to deliver a letter to his son in Dewford and the Goods you retrieved to Slateport.

On the second floor you'll find this man who will revive fossils.

Leave Devon Corp. and one of the scientists will come to upgrade the Pokénav.

He will add the phone feature. so now you can call people you've met before. if theres a Pokéball symbol next to their name call them back and they will challenge you to a battle.

Once you've healed your Pokémon get a Pokémon to learn Cut. If none of your Pokémon can catch Nincada. Now head back to Rusturf tunnel to battle the trainers to the left of the Rest Stop

It will be a battle versus a Lotad, 2 Zigzagoon

and a Poochyena

The second double battle will be a little to the right.

They will use Marill and Ralts

After the battle my Lotad Evolved into Lombre after LVLing up. If you don't want your Pokemon to Evolve for any reason press B.

A tip for Cut. You can use it on normal grass to make it disappear. The grass will be gone from the area as long as you stay there. Leave and come back for it to reappear.