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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Third Gym - Slateport

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Talk to Briney again and he will now take you to Slateport City.

At the beaches by Slateport you will find a couple trainers. as well as some kids to the right that will give you a nice hold item.

To the left their is a sailor.

He'll use Wingull and


A little higher up and to the right is a tuber.

He'll use Zigzagoon.

If you go South of the tuber and enter the line of sight of the sailor. You will find a double battle waiting for you with the hidden tuber and that same sailor.

They will use Marill and Wingull

If you Head a little higher up you will find an item(potion) to the left an old man picking up trash. Between the Red umbrellas south of that are two tubers waiting for a double battle against you.

Tentacool and Azurill are your oppponents.

If you go to the West side of the beach there is a seaside shack. Head in for a refreshing treat.

If you defeat the three trainers inside you will get a reward.

Challenge the girl with the Green hair.

She will use Goldeen

Next the tuber on the bottom right.

She'll have an Azurill

and Marill.

Finally the sailor on the top right.

He'll use Wingull,

Tentacool, and


After beating everyone talk to the owner to get some free Soda Pop.

You can talk to the owner again to buy some more Soda. It's cheaper that a Super Potion and heals more, so I would stock up on them. Around 40 would be good if you have the money.

Now head North and you'll be in the city. Right of the Poké Mart is a museum with a line of Aqua Grunts.

Before you deal with them head South to the Shipyard.

Go in and talk to this man who will tell you Stern is at the museum.

Head back to the museum to find the lines gone.

Pay a small fee of 50 Poké dollars to get in.

Talk to the first grunt you see, and he will actually be the grunt you beat back at Petalburg Woods and Rusturf Tunnel. Out of fear of you he will give you a Tm.

Head up the stairs to find Stern.

While your talking to him the grunts will come to steal the Devon Goods again.

They'll use Carvanhas

and Zubat.

After you beat them you will meet Aqua's Leader, Archie. He will give up on the Goods and leave.

Now leave the Musuem and Scott will come talk to you. Once your done talking to him get ready to head to Mauville City. Buy a Harbor Maill from the Mart before you go.