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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the First Badge - To Petalburg Woods

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As your leaving a random guy will come talk to you and leave.

Continue through Route 104 to find a Cottage. Remember this place for later.

South of the Cottage is a fisherman ready for battle.

All he has are Magicarp which are literally the weakest Pokémon in the game.

South of the fisherman is one more trainer.

This trainer uses a zigzagoon.

A tip for training your Pokémon. have your weakest Pokémon at the front of your team so it goes first. Then in battle switch to your stronger Pokémon. As long as a Pokémon was in battle it will get experience for the Pokémon fainting.

Go North of the Cottage to head to Petalburg Woods and the last trainer of the Route.

She only has a Zigzagoon

In Petalburg Woods head left.

You should find a Bug triainer.

This trainer will only use wurmple

You will get an Item ahead of that trainer.

Take the path to the right and go up.

You should see a man get attacked by a gang member who you will battle to help the man.

The Aqua grunt should only have a Poochyena

Once you beat the grunt he will reward you with a Great Ball.

Continue on the forest to find one more trainer

He'll use a nincada

past that trainer to the right you will find some trees which can be Cut once you get the proper move.

Leave the forest to reach the next Route. Directly North of their you will find a flower shop.

Talk to the woman in the middle of the store to get a Walimer Pail to water plants.

The Woman to the Right will give you a berry.

If you look in the empty grass spots behind the shop you will find a few items.

Head right of the the flower shop to meet a rich trainer.

He'll have a zigzagoon

To the right of him you'll find a Lady.

She'll have a Lotad and a


There will be a bridge North of her.

You will find a pair of twins and enter your first double battle.

Double battles are a 2 vs 2 Pokémon battle. In this battle format you can actually attack your own Pokémon. Unless your using some startegy I would not however.This battle will be between Seedot and Lotad.

Past the bridge their is a battle with a fisherman

All he has are Magicarp