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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Rustborro City - The First Gym

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If you go to the left you'll find Cutter's House. Go inside to get Hidden Machine 01 Cut. This will teach your Pokémon the move Cut after you have obtained this cities badge.

This Gym specializees in Rock types so you need Water or Grass types to win. If your starter was Treecko or Mudkip your fine. If not you need a Lotad.

In the Gym there are Gym trainers which are slighly stonger than regular trainers. For some gyms you can skip most and/or all of them such as this Gym.

The first trainer in the gym is at the front.

The only Pokémon he has are Geodude.

The next battle will be a double battle.

Both Trainers wil use Geodude

Once you beat them get Ready for your Gym battle against Roxanne. Your Pokémon have to be atleast LVL12 to fight her, but I recommend LVL14.

Using Absorb from Lotad should 1 Hit Kill the Geodudes at lvl 12

She will then send out another Geodude

Just keep attacking with your moves and heal if your pokemon's health becomes low.

When she sends out her Nosepass is when the fight becomes hard.

Absorb barely does any damage to it and it's Rock Tomb takes away most of your health.

And once Nosepass' health becomes low it uses an Oran berry. If Roxanne didn't use all her potions on geodude she will use it on Nosepass.

Just keep attacking with your strongest Super Effective attack and heal your Pokémon if it's health gets anywhere near half.

If you continued the fight like this, except for any critical hits, you should have won. If you're still having trouble go into the grass to LVL up your Pokémon a bit more.

With that you receive the Stone Badge.

And the ability to use Cut.

1 Badge down 7 to go.

Once you leave the Gym the guy you met in Petalburg Woods just got robbed.

Heal your Pokémon then follow him.

Once you find him North of the City he'll ask for your help retrieving his Goods.