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When you start a new game Prof. Birch will tell about Pokémon, and then give you the choice to pick between being a boy or a girl for your playthrough.

You will then get to choose your name.

Once Birch is done talking to you the game will start. Exit the Truck and your Mom will take you inside the house.

Once inside you will be told to head upstairs to set the clock.

On the wall there will be a clock to set the time.

You can set it to whatever time you want. The internal clock will move the clock forward and certain events that only happen daily will be renewed. If your Game is old like mine however the battery will have run dry and you'll be stuck on the same day. This is not gamebreaking however so do not worry if this applies to you.

Once you set the clock your Mom will come talk to you.

Afterwards go to the PC in your room and choose Item Storage.

You will be able to withdraw a potion to heal your Pokémon.

Go downstairs when your done. Your Dad the Gym Leader of Petalburg will be on TV. You will then be told to visit your neighbors.

Go next door to meet your neighbors.

The woman of the house will have you go meet her daughter she thinks is upstairs. When you go up no is there but you can look around.

Press A and your Rival will show up. Your rival will talk to you and Remember that they were supposed to help their father, Prof. Birch today.

When you head out go North of town to see a girl scared from some noises.

Go check it out to find Prof. Birch being attacked by a wild Pokémon.

He'll have you go to his bag so you can get one of his pokemon to save him. Out of the three Pokémon he has you can choose one to be your starting Pokémon.

Treecko, the Grass type

Torchic, the Fire type

Whichever Pokémon you choose get ready to fight a Zigzagoon.

Your starting Pokémon only has one damaging attack move so just spam that to win. Your attack should be the one in the top left. In my case this is scratch. To learn what a move does just go to the pokemon tab, choose summary and then you can learn about your Pokémon.

It shouldn't take very long to faint the Pokémon if you just keep attacking it

Go North of the town past where Prof. Birch was attacked. Moving around in the grass will attract Pokémon.

Once in the next town go to the red building, the Pokémon Center to heal your Pokémon.

Once you leave go talk to the woman to the right of the center.

She will show you to the Poké Mart where you can buy items, and she will give you a free potion.

Head North of this town to find your Rival. Once you find them they will challenge you to a battle, so I recommend leveling your Pokémon to 6 to make the battle easier. Heal at a Pokemon Center once your ready to fight them.

Talk to them and the battle will start. Their starting Pokémon is whatever your starter is week against.

The beginning battles don't take much strategy so simply use your strongest attack over and over to win.

Also count how much each attack is doing to your Pokémon, and which order the Pokémon are attacking in. Except if theirs a critical hit knowing this will allow you to heal your Pokémon with a potion if they were going to faint

Once you win your Rival will tell you to meet them back at Birch's lab.

At the lab the Prof wil give you the Pokémon encyclopedia, the Pokédex, while may will give you 5 Pokéballs to catch Pokémon.

At this point the you can buy Pokéballs at the Poké Mart. Buying 10 Pokéballs will also get you 1 free.

Leave and go talk to your Mom. She will give you Running Shoes and wish you luck.

Now go West of Oldale town to head towards Petalburg.

On the route you will find trainers that will challenge you to a battle.

Except for major battles, which I will give strategies on, most battles don't take much to win. I will tell you which pokemon each trainer on a route has. The first trainer you find having a LVL5 Poochyena.

The next trainer you find will be a little to the left of the first one.

He will use 2 Wurmple.

A little North of that trainer you will find one more .

This trainer has a Zigzagoon, and a


You can find some berrys that you can pick and give to your Pokémon to hold. You can also replant them to get more EXCEPT if your battery has run dry. In which case the plants will never grow.

Go left of that area to find the last trainer of the route.

THe rainer will use a zigzagoon and a


While your on this route I recommend catching a Lotad for the next gym and Ralts, if you can find one.

In Petalburg go to the Gym to talk to your Dad.

While your talking a kid named Wally will come in and ask for help in catching a Pokémon. Your Dad will have you show him although he does everything himself. If you don't know how to catch Pokémon watch Wally's demonstartion.

Once you have all the Pokémon and supplies you need head west of Petalburg to Petalburg Woods to start your journey to the Elite Four.