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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Second Gym - To Dewford

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Once your ready Leave Rustborro to find your Rival. You can challenge them if you want, but be warned their Pokémon are almost as strong as Roxanne.

The Pokémon they use will be depend on what starter they chose. It could be Torkoal, Lotad or Wingull.

Use you starter Pokemon against it.

Against their starter use Lotad. Being a Grass/Water type none of the starters will have an advantage against it.

If you use Cut in Petalburg Woods and talk to the Woman past it you will get a great hold item, Miracle Seed.

Before heading to Briney's Cottage make sure you have a flying type. Wingull or Taillow. I recommend Taillow.

Talk to Briney and he would be more than happy to take you.

Once you get to Dewford talk to the fisherman by the Gym to get an old rod.

You can now go fishing for Pokémon. However the old rod only catches you Magicarp. If you decide to train magicarp it will evolve into a fearsome Gyarados

If you go in the Gym it's pitch black. By defeating each trainer in the Gym the light will grow larger.

Before that head North of Dewford to train a little.

The first fisherman you see will have some Poisonous tentacool.

The next fisherman is to the left.

He'll use a combination of Tentacool and


Head into the cave next to the Fisherman and talk to the hiker by the entrance.

He'll give you the Hm Flash

If you head down the ladder you will find it pitch black like the Gym. Without the Gym badge you can't use the move flash to see.

Train your Flying type on the First floor of the Cave until it's LVL 15. LVL13 at the least if your going to fight the Gym trainers.

The first Gym trainer is to the right of the entrance.

She'll use Meditite

Up and to the right you'll face a double battle.

They'll use Meditite and Machop

If you go back and then go up you'll find a fork. take the left path up to find a trainer with a Makuhita

Go back down and continue left past the fork to find another trainer.

He'll use Machop.

If you back back and take the right path of the fork and up and then go right you'll face the last Gym trainer. She'll use Meditite.

Once your Healed and got whatever supplies you need(potions just incase) Challenge Brawly.

He'll use a Machop, Meditite, and Makuhita. If you continue attacking with flying moves though they won't stand a chance against you.

One of the easiest Gym's in the game if you use the right Pokémon. You will be rewarded with the Knuckle badge.

Once you have the badge head back into the cave with a Pokémon that knows flash to find Steven. If none of your Pokémon can learn flash go into the darkened part of the cave to find the Pokémon Sableye. They can learn flash if you can catch one.

If you continue you'll find a land slide. You can't go up it without a bike.

If you continue right of that are you will find a ladder.

Once you've taken the ladder contiue to the left to find some smashable rocks.

Go past the Rocks up some stairs and then continue to the right.

You will find a ladder.

Take the ladder and then their should be another ladder to the left of it. Take that ladder up to the Entrance of the cave.

If you continue down the path you will find a room.

Enter it to find Steven.

He will give you a Tm for your trouble.

After delivering the Letter to Steven you can go back and talk to the President of Devon. He will give you the Exp. Share hold item. It will make training a lot easier.