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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Fourth Gym - Route 117

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On this Route you will find the Day Care Center. Here you can drop two Pokémon off to play. Every step you take gives the Pokémon inside Xp. Leave two Pokémon you don't plan on using right away and then wait till endgame to pick them up. Beware that they will learn whatever moves they want while inside.

Next to the Day Care are some twins.

They have Makuhita and Zigzagoon.

Th eTrainer past them has a lot of Pokémon.





Makuhita, and


My capture skipped the next to trainers underneath the Day Care, and past the grass of the last trainer. their Pokémon were close to LVL18 though.

Now past the little pond there are trainers to the top and bottom.

The trainer on the bottom will use Wurmple's evolutions. Beautifly and


Next the trainers on above him.

The ones on the left will have Doduo, and Ralts

They guy on the right will use Meditite.

The last trainer before Rusturf town will use 6 Pokémon, but they are all weak.

he'll use Wingull




Roselia and