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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Fourth Gym - Rusturf

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Rusturf is the town where Wally's relatives live and where he is staying at the moment. You don't need to visit though.

Instead head to the cave to the left of the Poké Mart. You will need Rock Smash.

This will lead you to the mist filled Rusturf Tunnel where you fought the Aqua grunt earlier in the game.

Before you battle the hiker head down the left path outside the cave.

once outside you'll find a guy who has lost his glasses.

Whip out your Itemfinder or just Press A on the left tile in front of the last tree on the right.

Those weren't the glasses he was looking for, so you'll keep them. They increase Dark damage.

Now head back in the cave to beat the Hiker.

He will use Geodude and


No a little way up in the cave you will find Wally's cousin Wanda and that guy who was digging the tunnel from earlier.

Use Rock Smash so they can meet and the guy will be so happy he will give you the Hm Strength. Now head North of Mauville to Route 111.