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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Sixth Gym - Route 118

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A few trainers block your path here. they will use Zigzagoon, Roselia,

Aron, Shroomish, and


Next is the fisherman.

He only has Tentacool.

And finally the rocker.

He'll use Magnemite, and


Surf across the small river dividing the Route.

Talk to the fisherman on the other side and he will give you a Good Rod.

The reporters are also on the other side.

They will have Exploud and Magnemite now.

Now head down the right path to find another fisherman.

He will use Tentacool,

and Caravanha

Keep going and you will see a bird trainer.

He will use both Taillow, and


To the right is another bird trainer who uses