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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Seventh Gym - Route 120

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Now head back across the bridge Steven left you at.

There is a trainer past the bridge.

He will have Wingull, and


Keep going to reach a double battle.

Head past that area to find an area with tall grass.

Go South from there to find a bridge.

Keep going from there till you reach Route 121.

A little ways up on the Route you will find a double battle

Past that you will find Team Aqua heading to Mt. Pyre.

Ignore them for now and head right to reach the next city.

You will pass the Safari Zone and then meet a group of trainers.

Past all these trainers is Lilycove City.

Road to the Seventh Badge - Lilycove City

Once you've healed at the Pokémon Center. Head to Mt. Pier.

Surf around the Mountain to find the entrance.

Once there head inside.

Go to the left of the entrance to climb the mountain.

There is only one path up so just keep going.

You will reach a misty area which means that your almost here.

Keep going up and you will reach an area change to the Mt. Pyre Summit.

Go up and there are a couple grunts waiting.

Beat all of them and you will find out that Team Magma and Aqua have stolen the Orbs here

Team Aqua will then leave.

South of the Pokémon Center is the Contest Hall.

Enter it and tallk to the receptionist to get the Pokéblock case. This allows you to enter the Safari Zone.

Now head North of the Pokémon Center to find your Rival blocking the way to the Mall until you beat them.

Their team will be the same, but now including a Tropius.

Using the same strategy as last time is all you will need to beat them.

Head right of the mall to find the move deleters house.

You can now talk to him to delete any move you want including Hms.

Head past his house to jump down some ledges to where the Aqua grunts are.

Go past the house thats there so you can reach the coast.

Go to the top right of the coast where the grunt training wailmers is at.

Head North of there to find Aquas Base.

Talk to the Aqua grunts blant the way to their base and they will tell about Team Magma's plan.

With that knowledge head to Lavaridge Town and get a Pokémon with Strength and Rock Smash.

Now head to the the Jagged Pass from the entrance of Mt. Chimney.

Remember the grunt that was here earlier. Well he was trying to get into their base

Head inside the newly formed hole.

Now take the path and use strength on these boulders.

Move the bottom one out of the way first.

Then the one on the top left.

Now keep going on the path till you reach a cave entrance next to some generators.

Head inside.

Head past a couple grunts.

You'll know your going the right way if your in an area with two grunts circling a generator.

Head down all the stairs to reach another door.

There are a couple grunts in here, but you need to reach the end of the cave to the bottom left.

Past the first door.

And in the bottom left corner is the cave entrance i mentioned.

Go through this room beating all the grunts till you reach Maxie.

Once you talk to Maxie the Blue Orb will activate.

Groudon will awaken and then leave.

Maxie thinking you are behind this will challenge you to a battle.

His first Pokémon Mightyena will be beat by some Fighting moves

His Camerupt will be easily water logged by Surf.

His Crobat can be beat with a Psychic move.

After you beat him Maxie will see the erroe of his ways and leave.

Now head through the cave past the battle to reach the exit.

There is an Escape Rope to your left which you can use to escape the cave. If so skip ahead a bit.

Now head up the stairs to return back to the beginning.

You'll end up at the beginning of the first area. Just hump off the ledge and head back around.

When you head back around just solve the puzzle and your out.

Push the first boulder down and the top right one to the right.

Now if you head back to Aqua base you will find out that Aqua is stealing the submarine from Slateport City.

Head to Slateport and theres an interview going on.

Team Aqua will crash the party and steal the submarine.

Now head back to their base to find out why.

Head throught the door on the top right.

Take the teleporter on the left.

Head around the corner and go to the left to grab an important item.

Take the teleporter.

Take the right one.

take the middle one.

Now the left one.

And the left one again.

Now once your in this room go to the items in the top left.

Two of them are Electrodes.

The one on the top left is a Master Ball.

The Master Ball will catch any Wild Pokémon without faill. Best used to catch one of 4 Legendary Pokémon in the game. And unless you win the Lottery you can only obtain one a game.

Head back to the last room and take the teleporter on the right side.

Now head down the stairs.

On the right side of the room there is another teleporter to take.

Take the Stairs up.

Take the stairs on the right side of the room to reach this room.

Take the teleporter to reach the end of the base.

The Aqua Admin will stall you so Archie can leave.

After beating him you lost Archie, so you can't follow him for now.

Take the teleporter on the bottom right to reach the first teleporter.

Head back to Slateport and prepare for a trip across the sea.