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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to Seventh Gym - Mossdeep City

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On the right side of the Island is the Space Center.

Steven is there helping out because of Team Magma.

With nothing else to do prepare a Dark type to defeat the Seventh Gym.

This Gym is owned by a pair of twins who double battle

As such every gym battle in the Gym can be a double battle.

Take the teleporter in the bottom left corner.

Head to the bottom of this room.

There you will find a green switch.

Hit it twice so you can pass to the teleporter when you get to that room.

Next take the teleporter at the top.

Now take the teleporter to the left.

Hit the blue switch until you can reach the left side of the room.

Once on the left side of the room hit the blue switch so can make it to the side once you start pressing the red button.

Once you do that hit the red button untill you can make it throught the right side.

Now make it back around so you can hit the blue button.

Once you can make it back to the first blue button get there so you can press it.

Hit the first blue button so you can make it to the right side of the room.

Take the teleporter.

You will be in the room with the green tiles so head to the other teleporter.

This will take you to the Gym room.

Now heal up to challenge Tate and Liza. I recommend your Pokémon being around LVL 38.

Tate and Liza will use 4 Pokémon. Since their a team you can't just defeat them one at a time.

Also becareful of Earthquake.

Other than Xatu the rest of their Pokémon is weak to Water damage.

Xatu will also use Calm Mind a lot so if you do use a Water type focus on Xatu

If you use a combination of Surf and Dark moves you can win the battle fairly easily.

Make sure you have a good supply of Hyper Potions and Revives just in case though. Especially if your not near their LVL like my Mightyena.

Once you win you will obtain the Mind badge.

Now heal and head to the Space Center to find Team Magma just arrived themselves.

There are a couple grunts, but beat them and head to the second floor.

When you reach the seconf Floor you need to battle three trainers at once, but they only have one Pokémon each.

Once you beat them head to the botom left corner to find Steven with Maxie.

To beat Maxie Steven will double battle with you. Choose three Pokémon for it. I recommend a Water, Fighting, and Psychic Type.

Both Maxie and his Admin have the exact three Pokémon.

Mightyena, Golbat, and Camerupt.

Once you win Steven will want to thank you for your help.

His house is the one on the top left corner of the island

Steven will give you the Hm Dive.

The dark patches of water you see are places you can use dive on to reach the ocean floor.

Once your ready with a Pokémon that knoes dive head to the bottom left hand corner of the shore.