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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Stopping Team Aqua

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Resurface right outside the city.

Head to the bottom right hand corner and surf up the wall keep to it so you don't get lost.

Once you start seeing regular brown colored rocks you are almost there.

there will be a point where you can go around the brown rocks to head down a path.

It should be following a group of diveable water.

You will now you on the right path if you run into a red swimmer with a Wingull, and a Staryu.

Go a little bit more South to reach Route 128 meaning your almost there.

Go a little right to see a shallow piece of water you can land on.

Dive in the piece of water to see a cave.

Go in to find the submarine that Team Aqua stole.

Resurface to reach land.

Go in the cave here to go find Team Aqua.

Take the left path see some rocks.

break the first rock and move the boulder down.

The next Boulder you see just move straight.

Take the cave entrance on the top left.

Use rock smach on the rock in the middle to reach the left side of the room.

Move the Boulder at the top left straight to the top

Use Rock Smash on the Rock dividing the left from the right and just move the Boulder straight across.

Head into the cave on the top right now.

The currents will force you down a path so foll my directions to get to the end of the room.

Take the first current on the bottom right.

Take the next current on the right up so you can be in a four way zone.

Take the path going up.

Once your out of that current take the current directly up.

Once you take that current it will lead you to a currentless zone leading to the exit.

Just head to the North of the cave now.

This leads to one of the last rooms.

In this room you can either battle the grunts or solve the puzzle.

Either way they lead to the same cave.

For the Boulder puzzle first move the bottom boulder to the right.

Next move the middle boulder up.

Now move the top right boulder up.

Finally the top middle boulder goes to the left.

Either route you take head to the next room.

There is another boulder puzzle you must solve to reach Archie.

Move the bottom middle boulder up.

Next the bottom left boulder to the left.

The middle boulder on the second row goes to the right.

Middle boulder of the thirs row goes up one to the fourth row.

Left boulder of the third row goes to the left.

Right boulder of the third row goes to the right.

Second to the right boulder of the fourth row goes up.

Second from the left boulder of the fourth row goes up one.

Finally the middle boulder of the fourth row goes to the right one.

Now head into the final stretch of the cave to meet the Pokémon Archie's reviving.

Head to the tile directly infront of the Pokémon for Archie to show up.

He will then challenge you to battle.

After beating him the Red Orb will star shining like with Groudon.

Kyogre will awaken and leave the cave.

Maxie will show up and take you and Archie to see what's going on.

Kyogre and Groudon have started warping the weather, so Maxie and Archie leave to try to stop them.

Steven will appear and tell you to head to Sootopolis.

Fly to Sootopolis to get a cutscene of the Pokémon doing battle.

At the Gym is Maxie and Archie trying to stop the Pokémon.

Steven is on the left hand side.

He leads you to the Cave of Origin.

The cave only has one path so take it to the end to meet Wallace.

He will have you brainstorm for ideas to stop this.

He will ask if you have heard of the whereabouts of a green flying Pokémon called Rayquaza.

Say Sky Pillar.

Head back to where Kyogre was found and Surf south of there.

It will take you to Route 129.

Head West on Route 129 to reach Pacifidolg Town.

It's a very straight path from route 129 to Pacifidolg.

Once you heal head back through route 130

While going through Route 130 hug the upper wall.

Once you reach an opening near a swimmer go up a bit and turn left.

Head left and around.

This leads to the entrance to Sky Pillar.

Head up this cave to reach the actual entrance to Sky Pillar.

Once you leave the cave Wallace will show up to greet you.

He will lead you to The Sky Pillar and unlock the door for you.

Just keep heading up the Pillar.

Near the top will be some cracks of the floor.

Walk on the crack to fall throught it.

Once you do you will be able to head up the stairs to the area blocked by rocks.

Head to the top to meet Rayquaza

Go up to Rayquaza to wake him up.

He will head to Sootopolis after waking.

You can fly in this room so fly back to Sootopolis.

There will be another cutscene and Rayquaza save the day. The End.

Head to the Gym and talk to Archie and Maxie.

They'll leave afterwards and if you talk to Wallace and Steven they will thank you.

Wallace giving you the final Hm Waterfall.

The Final Gym - Sootopolis Part 2

Heal up and get ready to defeat the final Gym leader.

The floor is a puzzle and if you step on a tile twice it will break.

Doing this will lead to all the Gym trainers in the basement.

To solve it simply touch every tile in the area to continue. Move left.

Moove up to the left rock.

Move to the right side of the area.

Move up and turn left and the slope will turn into stairs.

Move to theFirst tile of the second area and head to the leaft side of the area.

From the bottom left hand tile move straight up.

Move two steps to the right so your on the tile to the right of the slope.

Move one step down.

Move directly to the right till you reach the rock on the right side.

Move one step down.

Move to the right side wall.

From the bottom right corner move straight up to the top right corner.

Now move to the left infront of the stairs.

Now get ready on the first tile to finish the last puzzle.

Move to the left side wall.

Move straight up to the top left corner.

Go one step to the right.

Go one step down.

Go one step to the right

Go one step down.

Go one step to the right.

Now go straight up.

Go once to the right.

Go one step down.

Go one step to the right.

Go one step down.

Go one step to the right.

Go one step down.

Move one step to the right.

Go one step up

Two steps to the right.

One step down.

One step to the right.

Move all the way up to the top right hand corner.

Move two steps to the left

Move one step down.

Move one step to the left.

Move one step up.

Now finally move two steps to the left to reach the stairs.

Now heal and challenge Juan. You will need Fighting and either Grass or Electric moves.

His first Pokémon Luvdisk can be beaten with either Grass or Electric moves.

For Sealeo you will need a Fighting move.

For Crawdaunt use Electric or Fighting Moves.

An Electric or if you have it a Dragon move will beat Seadra.

Whiscash is his last Pokémon. Grass moves are the only type that super effective

Congratulations on getting your last badge. All that stands in your way is the Elite Four and the Champion.