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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Victory Road

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Head to where Team Aqua awakened Kyogre once again and head right of that area with a Pokémon that knows Waterfall..

Head past the fisherman and you will run into a swimmer.

Keep going to reach Evergrande City.

Scale the Waterfall to reach the Pokémon Center.

Go inside and get Pokémon that know Strength, Rock Smash, Flash, Surf, and Waterfall.

Now head inside and be ready for a few strong battles.

Head inside and go straight up.

Walk up the stairs and cross the bridge.

Once you cross it Wally will show up to challenge you once again.

He's a lot stronger since last time. He uses the Dragon Altaria.

Magenton which is easily beat with Fire.

His Gardevoir with Dark moves.

Delcatty with Fighting moves.

Altaria with Rock or Ice moves.

Roseila with Fire moves.

Once beat go heal your Pokémon if you need it and head North of Wally.

There is a ladder going down.

Once down the ladder and then use Flash.

Move the boulder on the left to the left.

Move the boulder on the right to the right.

Next break the first rock you see and head past the bridge.

Head down the stairs and head South of the trainer.

Head south and turn left.

Go down the ladder.

Head Noth of the trainer to reach a pool of water.

Take the Waterfall to the left up.

Head back around to the other side to find another waterfall. Go down it.

HEad to the left to reach a ladder.

Take the ladder up.

Head South of where the ladder took you.

Break the top left rock.

Move the boulder down.

Break the bottom left rock.

Move up and take the ladder up.

Walk across the bridge and head down the stairs.

Head North past a couple trainers.

The path will lead to the exit.

Head North to reach the Entrance stop to the Pokemon League.