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Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Road to the Sixth Gym - Route 119

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The next two Routes are filled with Tall Grass that you cannot Bike through.

The trainers in this first grass area mimic your movements. Also give proper direction to these trainers is hard so use the pictures to distinguish who I'm talking about. First we will face the one on the top right.

He uses Surskit.

Next the trainer below him.

he uses Nincada, and


Next the trainer to the left of that guy.

He has Wurmple,


and Dustox

A little higher up is another bug trainer.

He has a Ninjask.

Next the trainer to the left.

He has Wurmple,

Silcoon, and


Finally the last bug trainer by the item.

He'll use Volbeat, and


Past the first grass area is a house full of Wingull.

Go past there up the stairs.

You'll eventually see a Pokémon Ranger next to a bridge. Battle him.

He will use Gloom, and


Travel across the bridge and go up the stairs that follow.

You will eventually reach a camper.

He will have a Breloom.

Now go up a little more to reach a double battle.

The trainers will use Swellow and Goldeen.

Now go up a little more to find a slope. If you have a Mach bike you can go up it.

If you do you will reach this trainer here.

He will use Wingull, and


If you didn't have the bike you would have to go around and face this double battle.

They have Ninjask,

Koffing, Slugma,

And Numel.

Now if you head up a little bit you will find the Weather Institute aswell as Team Aqua blobking the bridge.

Head inside the Weather Institute.

To the left is a PC as well as a bed to rest on.

Once your healed go face the Aqua grunts.

The girl on the chair will have Caravanha.

Next the guy standing by the computers.

He has a Zubat, and

a Poochyena.

Head up the stairs.

A double battle of grunts will block your way.

These grunts have Zubat,

Poochyena, and


Next the grunt in the middle of the room.

He has Poochyena,

Zubat, and


Heal your Pokémon if you need to and fight the Admin at the end of the room.

Her first Pokémon is Caravanha,

Followed by Mightyena.

Once you beat them you will learn that everyone is going to Mt. Pyre.

For saving them the scientist will give you the Pokémon Castform. Castform is a good Pokémon.

But if you don't want to use him take the Mystic Water he's holding. It will help your Water Pokémon.

Now heal your Pokémon and cross the bridge.

Head up and your Rival will appear to challenge you.

Your Rival will challenge you with evolved forms of the Pokémon from your last battle with them. For me thats Lombre


And their Starter Pokémon.

After you beat them they will give you the Hm Fly.

Now keep heading North till you run into a trainer.

He uses Manectric.

The ninja to his left which would have been a double battle is hidden as a tree.

He'll use Ninjask

Head a little North to find another hidden ninja.

This ninja will use Koffing.

Head left of the Ninja to reach the Sixth Gym.