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Prince of Persia Walkthrough Boss The Hunter

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After you completely beat one of the bosses in their lair, all of the bosses are set to their max difficulty. So I'm going to just give you the details, when they are as hard as they can get. The areas change a bit but the bosses are exactly the same.

Well the Hunter is pretty tough.

I guess this guy is a straight melee guy anyways.

Watch out for his blinding spit.

The quicker you are at blocking his attacks, the better off you will be. Block and then counter his attacks.

Try getting off some of your own combos. They really help to beat this guy.

Have Elika beat the corruption off of him.

He does the occasional attack where he hammers his weapon at you. Just mash square to turn it back on him.

He will get you down quite a few times in this battle. Just get faster at hitting the proper button when down.

Once again you will have to grind him down, before he flees.