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Welcome to Portforward's guide to Prison Architect! To get started, press (ESC) after the intro sequence and select "Create New Prison".

Here you can select a variety of settings to generate a worldmap of which you will build your prison on. I recommend "Large" to not limit yourself in the future.

Once started, you'll more than likely be intimidated by the UI at first. Do not fret however. Zoom in and move your camera to the middle of the road using your mouse and keyboard arrows.

Click the very bottom left button called (Foundations)..

Click "Building"..

And drag & drop yourself a decent-sized starting building.

You can extend and build on it in any form and matter so don't be shy to experiment.

Once your foundation order has been placed, builders will arrive along with significant amounts of building material to begin working on your building.

They will segment it off as Floor > Walls > Roof.

You will start with 8 workers and they work at quite some speed. You can pause or speed up things by pressing (SPACEBAR) or using the clock UI at the top right.