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Prison Architect Walkthrough Science

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Now in order to unlock more advanced options to our prison, we will need to research these things first. To do that, we take our pre-existing warden and click a subject we would be interested in.

Our prison is growing increasingly filthy, especially in the showers. To solve this..

We need better maintenance. Research this by clicking on the symbol and paying the sum of money to get it done.

The warden will take about 6 hours to complete. So while he's doing that, lets poke around with another borderline essential thing:

The regime tab. Here you dictate what time the prisoners do what.

You can also decide to buy in more variatons and more expensive foods for the prisoners to keep them more happy. Although this will cost you very slightly.

Now that the warden is done researching maintenance, we now have a foreman.

Put him down in the office next to the warden..

Set him to research Janitors while putting the warden on something else..

And voila. They should both be working hard on methods to improving the prison.