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Prison Architect Walkthrough Advanced

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You have made pretty much everything possible at this point.. Without research that is. Let's build out another foundation.

The prisoners will also have future requests of having family visits. For this, we need yet another room. A visitations room. It needs to be rather large..

Since the bench is clumsy.

Now, after working hard and long, some of the staff is getting tired. We can't have that. Make another room called Staffroom.

It needs a sofa or two along with a soda machine to enable your staff to rest.

Some space is left-over so for that, we can use it as storage for various items. Workers/builders will also dally here.

Now we have one centralized area for staff. Let's expand on that.

Don't be too afraid of building too close to the road. As long as there's doors and no windows, prisoners wont have much luck trying to escape that way.

Now create a couple of 4x4 offices.

Place one file cabinet, share and desk in each one.

Once an office has been completed, place down a warden.