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Menu Options

Firstly is the Stats and Unlockables, which has three tabs. We'll start off with General. Games Played shows a Circle Chart that shows what characters you use. As you can see, I'm a fan of the Commando. Top Scores shows the stats of your best played game.

Secondly is the Stats tab, this is pretty self explanatory, it shows various things that may be fun to read, such as total gold collected, total distance ran, most used use item, longest played game, total play time, etc.

Finally the Achievements, these are various challenges you can complete, and some will give you rewards such as items or even new characters.

The Monster Log shows all the enemies that you collected log entries of. It has an animated picture of them, and has certain details and descriptions listed.

The Item Log is similar to the Monster Log, but whenever you pick up an item, it is added to the Item Log. It has an in depth description of the item, and also a little bit of lore.

Start Online Co-Op is for playing with your friends online. You can choose to either host or join a game, and you can choose your name that is displayed as well.

Start Local Co-Op is the same as Online Co-Op, just with two people on the same computer.

Lastly we have Start Single Player, which is most likely the main thing you will be doing. If you are new, Commando will be the only class you have unlocked. At the bottom right is three difficulties, I would recommend choosing Rainstorm. Once you're done

Inside the Game

When you get in game, it will tell you what map you are in, I landed in Desolate Forest, and it will show the controls. space is to jump, arrow keys are to move, and zxcv are for the corresponding abilities. Z is your basic attack, it has no cooldown. X is a piercing shot with knockback, it goes through everyone in a line infront of you, it has a 3 second cooldown, I would recommend using this in combat whenever possible. C is a roll, while rolling you don't take any damage and it sends you forward a small distance, it has a 4 second cooldown, I would recommend using this in combat to avoid attacks while you wait for your other cooldowns, and to travel faster. V is another attacking ability, it can hit both sides of you, and it stuns everyone hit by it, this has a 5 second cooldown, I would recommend using this whenever seems applicable.

At the top right of the screen, you may notice a timer and other various displays. The timer simply shows how long you've been on this playthrough. The bar, that is currently empty, shows how long you've been playing, but each section adds higher difficulty. I am currently on very easy, but the longer you play the more the difficulty goes up.

After playing for a little, you may notice you've leveled up. This increases your stats, but also increases the experience required for your next level. The experience bar is located below the health bar.

Whenever you kill an enemy they drop experience and gold. This gold is used to buy upgrades or items, a main part of this game. Chests can vary from 25-50 on the first level, but it increases every level. There is also Imp Shrines, which when activated spawns 5 imps. If you kill those imps within the time limit you are given a reward. You can use the statue twice before it is unusable. Finally, there are Health Shrines and regular Shrines. Health Shrines require Health, and have a chance to give you an item. The same is for regular Shrines, but just with gold. Whenever you fail or succeed any shrine, the price goes up. For all shrines, it goes away after winning twice.

The main point of this game is to find the teleporter, activate it, kill the boss and all the minions that spawn, then use the teleporter to reach the next level.

When you begin, above your name you will see #/90 seconds. This means that there will be a rapid spawn of enemies for 90 seconds, and when those 90 seconds end you need to kill all the enemies and the boss. Afterwards you can go through the teleporter.

Bosses and their Stats

Colossus - Health: 1400 Damage: 40 Speed: 13 Strategies: Colossus is most likely one of the easiest bosses in the game. He is very slow and it is hard to get hit by him. Just stay a short distance away and wait for the time to run out. Once monsters stop

Magma Worm - Health: 1400 Damage: 55 Speed: 168 Strategies: The Magma Worm only has one attack in which the worm comes out from the ground, loops around and goes back underground. It is recommended to attack with him AoE abilities if possible, since he has multiple segments that can be damaged. When close to death, the worm attacks and moves quicker, but is less accurate.

Wandering Vagrant - Health: 1400 Damage: 12 Speed: 34 Strategies: The Wandering Vagrant shoots out projectiles that home onto you, but otherwise does no damage. As long as you stay on the run and attack inbetween attacks, it is very easy to beat him.

Ancient Wisp - Health: 1470 Damage: 23 Speed: 12 Strategies: The Ancient Wisp is not tough to defeat, it summons collumns of purple flames, but makers appear before so they are quite easy to avoid. After killling it, two regular wisps and two greater wisps appear, so make sure to watch out for that when defeating it.

Toxic Beast - Health: 1460 Damage: 17 Speed: 21 Strategies: The Toxic Beast summons 4 pigs about every ten seconds, but they are very easy to defeat and so is the boss. The Toxic Beast can do heavy damage to you with her hooves, so make sure to atleast keep a a short distance.

Imp Overlord - Health: 1210 Damage: 25 Speed: 17 Strategies: Imp Overlords are ranged and melee, they can fire a laser and attack with claws. Normally they attack with their claws after teleporting. Their A.I. is very similar to Black Imps.

Ifrit - Health: 1500 Damage: 17 Speed: 28 Strategies: The Ifrit is quite easy to defeat, but be wary of getting trapped between his pillars. If you fight him without any monsters to interrupt, you should be perfectly fine.

Cremator - Health: 1150 Damage: 12 Speed: 28 Strategies: The Creamator shoots projectiles similar to the Wandering Vagrant, and mooves around in the lava. Try not to fall into the lava while fihgting him. Unlike the Wandering Vagrant, he shoots many more projectiles and his projectiles do contact damage and damage when they land.

Scavenger - Health: 1305 Damage: 14 Speed: 14 Strategies: The Scavenger is ranged only, and as the name implies, uses previously scavenged items, such as Disposable Missile Launchers, Ukelele(Electric Ball), Beautiful Behemoth, and Soldier Syringes(Increases his speed.)

Providence - Health: 9000 Damage: 24 Speed: 14 Strategies: In the first phase he will teleport to you with a downward slash or hit you directly without teleporting. Once three attacks go by he will create a shockwave by stabbing the ground, it will stun you if you're hit, this can be avoided by hanging on a ladder or jumping. After three shockwave attacks, he will send projectiles at you similar to the Cremator and Wandering Vagrant, which are extremely easiliy to dodge. He also has a shield buff, and when activated you should normally ignore him. Once you get to Providence's second phase he will summon two Gilded Wurms, the red worm sends a laser stream that homes in, it deals extremely heavy damage so should be avoided at all costs. The blue worm fires five projectiles three times in a row, it is easy to dodge and doesn't do much damage as long as you don't take the shotgun point black. They can be killed easily with AoE attacks similar to the Magma Worm. In the third phase, you have to fight Providence, but he comes with two buffed Temple Guardians. He has the same attacks as the first phase, but also, when his shield buff is used he summons a shadow version of himself. Shadow Prov attacks at the same time as Providence so makes it harder to dodge. One other thing to look out for is that when Providence does his projectile attack, Shadow Prov sends projectiles at you as well, but he will send them all over the place much faster, and Shadow Prov's hit for much more. It is suggested to avoid Shadow Prov's even if you get hit by Providence's attacks.


Archer Bug - Health: 105 Damage: 6 Speed: 23

Bighorn Bison - Health: 430 Damage: 17 Speed: 17

Black Imp - Health: 310 Damage: 13 Speed: 16

Child - Health: 125 Damage: 14 Speed: 15

Clay Man - Health: 140 Damage: 11 Speed: 14

Elder Lemurian - Health: 405 Damage: 23 Speed: 12 Field Notes: Seems to be very large version of the Lemurians; perhaps this great lizard is a queen? With similar armor and much thicker skin, it took much more to bring down this foe. She moves much slower and posses a powerful scorching blast. I would willingly give up some of my dwindling rations to explore the Lemurian tunnels unnoticed. My mind envisions great communal caverns and many spectacular subterranean dwellings. Do great legions of Lemurians walk under my feet?

Evolved Lemurian - Health: 125 Damage: 14 Speed: 34 Field Notes: Could this be a distant cousin of the Lemurians below? An ancient evolutionary leap? These airborne reptiles do not interact with the ground Lemurians except to harass them occasionally. Perhaps there is some kind of natural feud between the species? It is the membranous skin that attaches their long arms to their body which enables their flight. Each wingtip culminates in vicious talons. When they come in flocks these winged Lemurians are capable of great carnage.

Greater Wisp - Health: 470 Damage: 23 Speed: 17

Gup - Health: 375 Damage: 27 Speed: 16

Jellyfish - Health: 85 Damage: 7 Speed: 25

Lemurian - Health: 100 Damage: 14 Speed: 14

Mechanical Spider - Health: 430 Damage: 17 Speed: 17

Mushrum - Health: 160 Damage: 17 Speed: 14

Parent - Health: 315 Damage: 15 Speed: 15

Rock Golem - Health: 300 Damage: 34 Speed: 12

Sand Crab - Health: 300 Damage: 34 Speed: 14

Spitter - Health: 240 Damage: 19 Speed: 12

Temple Guard - Health: 420 Damage: 17 Speed: 9

Tiny Imp - Health: 22 Damage: 3 Speed: 15

Whorl - Health: 230 Damage: 17 Speed: 14

Wisp - Health: 170 Damage: 17 Speed: 17


Acrid - How to Unlock: In the 3rd level "Sunken Tombs", if you travel to the very top right of the map there is a chance of a metal cage spawning. Interacting with this cage will free Acrid, defeating this mini-boss will unlock the character Acrid. Movese

Bandit - How to Unlock: To unlock the Bandit you must beat the third stage. Moveset: Blast - Fire a powerful slug for 150% damage. Cooldown: 0 Seconds Dynamite Toss - Toss an explosive in an arc for 230% damage. Cooldown: 3 Seconds. Smokebomb - Turn invis

Enforcer - How to Unlock: To unlock the Enforcer you must kill the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus. Moveset: Riot Shotgun - Fire a short range blast for 160% damage, hitting all enemies. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Shield Slam - Smash nearby enemies for 210% damage, knocking them back. Cooldown: 5 Seconds. Protect and Serve - Take a defensive stance, blocking all damage from the front. Increases your attack speed, but slows your movement, renders you unable to jump, and locks the direction you are facing. Cooldown: 2 Seconds. Crowd Control - Launch a stun grenade, stunning enemies in a huge radius for 250% damage. Can bounce at shallow angles. Cooldown: 5 Seconds.

Engineer - How to Unlock: To unlock the Engineer you must purchase a total of forty drones. Moveset: Tri-nade - Launch three grenades for 3x80% damage. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Bounding Mine - Drop a trap that explodes for 300% damage. Hold up to 15. Cooldown: 6 Seconds. Thermal Harpoons - Launch four heat-seeking harpoons for 4x250% damage. Cooldown: 5 Seconds. Auto-Turret - Drop a turret that shoots for 3x100% damage for 30 seconds. Hold up to 2. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

HAN-D - How to Unlock: On the last level, in the area where there are many multi-colored crates, there is a grey door that you can open. Opening this door will unlock HAN-D. Moveset: HURT - APPLY FORCE TO ALL COMBATANTS FOR 180% DAMAGE. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. DRONE - FIRE A DRONE FOR 190% DAMAGE WHILE ALSO HEALING YOURSELF. GAIN DRONES BY KILLING ENEMIES. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. OVERCLOCK - INCREASE ATTACK SPEED AND STUN CHANCE BY 30%. INCREASE DURATION BY ATTACKING ENEMIES. Cooldown: 7 seconds. FORCED-REASSEMBLY - APPLY GREAT FORCE TO ALL COMBATANTS FOR 400% DAMAGE, KNOCKING THEM IN THE AIR. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Huntress - How to Unlock: To unlock the Huntress you need to pick up fifteen monster logs. Moveset: Strafe - Fire an arrow for 140% damage. You can shoot all skills while mooving. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Laser Glaive - Throw a glaive that bounces to up to 4 enemies for 300% damage. Increases by 30% per bounce. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Blink - Teleport forward a small distance. (Distance increases with movement speed). Cooldown: 3 seconds. Cluster Bomb - Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage.The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 6x80%. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Mercenary - How to Unlock: To unlock the Mercenary you must beat the game(get to the final level and defeat Providence) five times. Moveset: Laser Sword - Slash in front of you, damaging up to 3 enemies for 130% damage. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Whirlwind - Qu

Miner - How to Unlock: In the 4th level "Magma Barracks", there is a chance of a tunnel spawning at the bottom right of the map. Walk through the tunnel and you will find a small room with a pod in the top right corner. Defeat the boss who spawns there. Moveset: Crush - Crush nearby enemies for 140% damage. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Drill Charge - Charge up for 2 seconds. On release, dash through enemies for up to 600% damage. You cannot be hit while dashing. Cooldown: 8 seconds. Backblast - Blast backwards a small distance for 200% damage, stunning all enemies. You cannot be hit while dashing. Cooldown: 5 seconds. To The Stars - Jump into the air hitting all enemies below for 3x180% total. Nothing can stop the quest against the anti-spirals. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Sniper - How to Unlock: Similar to the Mercenary, to unlock the Sniper you must beat the game once. Moveset: Snipe - Shoot an enemy for 250% damage. Reactivate the ability to reload your weapon, granting bonus damage if timed correctly. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Steady Aim - Carefully take aim, increasing the damage the longer the button is held down. On release, fire a bullet for up to 2000% damage. Cooldown: 4 seconds. Military Training - Backflip a large distance. You cannot be hit while rolling. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Spotter: SCAN - Send your Spotter to analyze the most dangerous enemy, increasing critical strike chance against it by 100%. Cooldown: 10 seconds.


After starting, I recommend you ignore enemies and just focus on locating the teleporter. Although some think that it is good to grind and get good items, it is really a game of speed and how fast you can get through each level. I reached the teleporter i

My opponent was Colossus, and there are two basic strategies I follow for each teleporter. If it seems like there's too many mobs surrounding the boss for you to safely attack, fight enemies at other places until the timer runs out, then wittle them down. If you can rush the boss like I did against Colossus, then just focus all your damage on the boss and dodge mobs.

I killed Colossus and got a Toxic Centipede drop, it's not great but it can help out at times.

After the boss was dead, I tried to get as many items as possible before the timer runs out. A good time you want to finish every level is around 2.5 to 5 minutes.

I prefer Sky Meadow over Damp Caverns, so I got a little lucky here.

I found the teleporter in about a minute.

Ancient Wisp can get annoying if it gets covered by enemies, which it ends up doing in this run.

Thallium is good to have, and it seems like I'll be going for a damage over time run with Thalium, Toxic Centipede, and the base Acrid abilities.

I decided to pick up a drone as they can help out with flying enemies on later maps.

Atleast for me, Sunken Tombs is a very easy map, so I was happy to get it.

Try not to mess up and fall off of these, as it can cost you precious time.

I found the teleporter in under a minute.

Another Colossus is good to see, I believe Colossus to be one of the easier bosses.

Colossal Knurl isn't a fantastic item, but I'll take what I can get.

Hive Cluster is a map I really don't like getting. I commonly lose on Hive Cluster just because it's a small map. When a lot of Spitters, Gups, and Parents spawn in one spot it can be hard to kite them.

For good luck, I decided to pick up Command on my way.

Although it managed to take much longer than I thought.

I ended up wasting a minute and a half to get Command, and there was really no point of it.

Gups are very annoying in large groups, if you kill 5 big ones, then now you have 10 to deal with.

The search for the teleporter started taking a little too much time, and I was beginning to get irritated.

Unstable Watch is a great item to get, it gives you 7 free seconds every 60 seconds, which can save a decent amount of time in the long run.

I finally got to the top right of the map, which took too much time. The platforming started to get to me at one point which burned a lot of time.

I found the teleporter in about 5 minutes.

This was a nice surprise, I got a random monster log dropped, which ended up being my 15th which unlocked the Huntress for me.

Toxic Beast isn't that hard of a boss, but she can be annoying with the groups of little pigs she spawns. Just try to focus on doing burst damage to her.

Smart Shopper is pretty much useless, and I had begun to run very low on HP at this point.

The Spitters are really what scared me right now, if one hits me at 27 HP I would be dead.

Remember how I mentioned drones helping against flying enemies? This is what I was talking about.

I continued to avoid the enemies, but my death was pretty inevitable.

I tried to kite the big group of enemies, but then two Parents spawned on opposite sides of me. I should've taken that pink rope up to the next platform.

At this point, I thought I was going to make it out.

I end up getting hit by one of the parents, and that ends my run. It's not one of my better runs, but it wasn't terrible. I also unlocked the Huntress off this run, so not too shabby altogether.