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Risk of Rain Walkthrough Characters

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Acrid - How to Unlock: In the 3rd level "Sunken Tombs", if you travel to the very top right of the map there is a chance of a metal cage spawning. Interacting with this cage will free Acrid, defeating this mini-boss will unlock the character Acrid. Movese

Bandit - How to Unlock: To unlock the Bandit you must beat the third stage. Moveset: Blast - Fire a powerful slug for 150% damage. Cooldown: 0 Seconds Dynamite Toss - Toss an explosive in an arc for 230% damage. Cooldown: 3 Seconds. Smokebomb - Turn invis

Enforcer - How to Unlock: To unlock the Enforcer you must kill the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus. Moveset: Riot Shotgun - Fire a short range blast for 160% damage, hitting all enemies. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Shield Slam - Smash nearby enemies for 210% damage, knocking them back. Cooldown: 5 Seconds. Protect and Serve - Take a defensive stance, blocking all damage from the front. Increases your attack speed, but slows your movement, renders you unable to jump, and locks the direction you are facing. Cooldown: 2 Seconds. Crowd Control - Launch a stun grenade, stunning enemies in a huge radius for 250% damage. Can bounce at shallow angles. Cooldown: 5 Seconds.

Engineer - How to Unlock: To unlock the Engineer you must purchase a total of forty drones. Moveset: Tri-nade - Launch three grenades for 3x80% damage. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Bounding Mine - Drop a trap that explodes for 300% damage. Hold up to 15. Cooldown: 6 Seconds. Thermal Harpoons - Launch four heat-seeking harpoons for 4x250% damage. Cooldown: 5 Seconds. Auto-Turret - Drop a turret that shoots for 3x100% damage for 30 seconds. Hold up to 2. Cooldown: 40 seconds.

HAN-D - How to Unlock: On the last level, in the area where there are many multi-colored crates, there is a grey door that you can open. Opening this door will unlock HAN-D. Moveset: HURT - APPLY FORCE TO ALL COMBATANTS FOR 180% DAMAGE. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. DRONE - FIRE A DRONE FOR 190% DAMAGE WHILE ALSO HEALING YOURSELF. GAIN DRONES BY KILLING ENEMIES. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. OVERCLOCK - INCREASE ATTACK SPEED AND STUN CHANCE BY 30%. INCREASE DURATION BY ATTACKING ENEMIES. Cooldown: 7 seconds. FORCED-REASSEMBLY - APPLY GREAT FORCE TO ALL COMBATANTS FOR 400% DAMAGE, KNOCKING THEM IN THE AIR. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Huntress - How to Unlock: To unlock the Huntress you need to pick up fifteen monster logs. Moveset: Strafe - Fire an arrow for 140% damage. You can shoot all skills while mooving. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Laser Glaive - Throw a glaive that bounces to up to 4 enemies for 300% damage. Increases by 30% per bounce. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Blink - Teleport forward a small distance. (Distance increases with movement speed). Cooldown: 3 seconds. Cluster Bomb - Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage.The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 6x80%. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Mercenary - How to Unlock: To unlock the Mercenary you must beat the game(get to the final level and defeat Providence) five times. Moveset: Laser Sword - Slash in front of you, damaging up to 3 enemies for 130% damage. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Whirlwind - Qu

Miner - How to Unlock: In the 4th level "Magma Barracks", there is a chance of a tunnel spawning at the bottom right of the map. Walk through the tunnel and you will find a small room with a pod in the top right corner. Defeat the boss who spawns there. Moveset: Crush - Crush nearby enemies for 140% damage. Cooldown: 0 seconds. Drill Charge - Charge up for 2 seconds. On release, dash through enemies for up to 600% damage. You cannot be hit while dashing. Cooldown: 8 seconds. Backblast - Blast backwards a small distance for 200% damage, stunning all enemies. You cannot be hit while dashing. Cooldown: 5 seconds. To The Stars - Jump into the air hitting all enemies below for 3x180% total. Nothing can stop the quest against the anti-spirals. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Sniper - How to Unlock: Similar to the Mercenary, to unlock the Sniper you must beat the game once. Moveset: Snipe - Shoot an enemy for 250% damage. Reactivate the ability to reload your weapon, granting bonus damage if timed correctly. Cooldown: 0 Seconds. Steady Aim - Carefully take aim, increasing the damage the longer the button is held down. On release, fire a bullet for up to 2000% damage. Cooldown: 4 seconds. Military Training - Backflip a large distance. You cannot be hit while rolling. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Spotter: SCAN - Send your Spotter to analyze the most dangerous enemy, increasing critical strike chance against it by 100%. Cooldown: 10 seconds.