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After starting, I recommend you ignore enemies and just focus on locating the teleporter. Although some think that it is good to grind and get good items, it is really a game of speed and how fast you can get through each level. I reached the teleporter i

My opponent was Colossus, and there are two basic strategies I follow for each teleporter. If it seems like there's too many mobs surrounding the boss for you to safely attack, fight enemies at other places until the timer runs out, then wittle them down. If you can rush the boss like I did against Colossus, then just focus all your damage on the boss and dodge mobs.

I killed Colossus and got a Toxic Centipede drop, it's not great but it can help out at times.

After the boss was dead, I tried to get as many items as possible before the timer runs out. A good time you want to finish every level is around 2.5 to 5 minutes.

I prefer Sky Meadow over Damp Caverns, so I got a little lucky here.

I found the teleporter in about a minute.

Ancient Wisp can get annoying if it gets covered by enemies, which it ends up doing in this run.

Thallium is good to have, and it seems like I'll be going for a damage over time run with Thalium, Toxic Centipede, and the base Acrid abilities.

I decided to pick up a drone as they can help out with flying enemies on later maps.

Atleast for me, Sunken Tombs is a very easy map, so I was happy to get it.

Try not to mess up and fall off of these, as it can cost you precious time.

I found the teleporter in under a minute.

Another Colossus is good to see, I believe Colossus to be one of the easier bosses.

Colossal Knurl isn't a fantastic item, but I'll take what I can get.

Hive Cluster is a map I really don't like getting. I commonly lose on Hive Cluster just because it's a small map. When a lot of Spitters, Gups, and Parents spawn in one spot it can be hard to kite them.

For good luck, I decided to pick up Command on my way.

Although it managed to take much longer than I thought.

I ended up wasting a minute and a half to get Command, and there was really no point of it.

Gups are very annoying in large groups, if you kill 5 big ones, then now you have 10 to deal with.

The search for the teleporter started taking a little too much time, and I was beginning to get irritated.

Unstable Watch is a great item to get, it gives you 7 free seconds every 60 seconds, which can save a decent amount of time in the long run.

I finally got to the top right of the map, which took too much time. The platforming started to get to me at one point which burned a lot of time.

I found the teleporter in about 5 minutes.

This was a nice surprise, I got a random monster log dropped, which ended up being my 15th which unlocked the Huntress for me.

Toxic Beast isn't that hard of a boss, but she can be annoying with the groups of little pigs she spawns. Just try to focus on doing burst damage to her.

Smart Shopper is pretty much useless, and I had begun to run very low on HP at this point.

The Spitters are really what scared me right now, if one hits me at 27 HP I would be dead.

Remember how I mentioned drones helping against flying enemies? This is what I was talking about.

I continued to avoid the enemies, but my death was pretty inevitable.

I tried to kite the big group of enemies, but then two Parents spawned on opposite sides of me. I should've taken that pink rope up to the next platform.

At this point, I thought I was going to make it out.

I end up getting hit by one of the parents, and that ends my run. It's not one of my better runs, but it wasn't terrible. I also unlocked the Huntress off this run, so not too shabby altogether.