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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 17 - The Kinzie Gambit

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MEET THE CREW TO BRING DOWN ZINYAK > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission] Meet up with your crew at Kinzie's Warehouse in Salander.

The warehouse will be attacked by aliens. Keep going until Tanks show up outside of the warehouse.

Grab an RPG, reload your ammo sufficiently from the crate. Blow those tanks up.

Shred the tanks into pieces, there should be three of them. Beware of the Marauders as they may spawn on your back.

Up to the roof, so use the fire escape right outside. [**You need to run pretty fast as Marauders will spawn and blocking your way. Or stop at the halfway of the stairs, then wait for Marauders to spawn on you.]

You'll be swatted off aside. Quickly run to the top.

Hop on the helicopter to cover the Siants.

Follow the Saints' car, blow up enemies in their path, destroy the roadblocks.

Your helicopter will crash on the roof. Enter the building through the door.

Use the turret gun, and mow down the aliens. Shoot the "Ethical" signs to set traps for enemies.

Genki himself will show up too, kill him.

Now move to the prize room to exit this building.

Get in the car. Use the rocket launcher to fight back aliens and clear roadblocks in your way.

A cutscene of Zinyak shows up.

You'll be transferred back to the Ship. Approach and check on Kinzie, who's still trapped inside the simulation.

Suddenly, the aliens start storming the room. Kill them, then go down to eliminate more of them.

Head out to the bridge to talk to CID. Now you need to go to the cargo bay.

Rescue Shaundi, then investigate the devices attached to the wall.

Take the bombs with you.

Go to the Airlock to plant the bombs. There are two places where you need to set them. Eliminate the aliens all the way.

Once done, you only have one minute to get back to your ship.