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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 19 - The Girl Who Hates the 50s

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LOCATE KEITH DAVID > Now you're at Keith David's rally in Loren Square. When the cutscene ends, defend yourself then head into the building

Clear the area, then move to the second floor. Another cutscene will be triggered.

You'll find yourself in an alley, now proceed forward.

Keep going until you're interupted by a cutscene.

Kill the Zin then head into the building. Fight your way up onto the roof.

Take out all of the CIDs..

then disable the satellite.

RESCUE KINZIE > Now, meet up with CID at the Warehouse, follow him.

Touch the bunny symbol on the wall to open a portal door. Go through it, you'll end up back in the 50s.

Approach Kinzie, then step on the flowers she had just planted. Unfortunately, that wasn't her.

Get in a car, chase after the cops. Hit to wreck their car. Once they're out of the car, beat them up and talk to Kinzie. But it's not the real Kinzie too.

Stand in front of the town hall, then rewire a speaker.

Get the weapon from the crate that Matt spawns. Now rewire the remaining three speakers.

After the first one, a propaganda truck starts attacking you. Destroy it. Keep rewiring the speakers and blowing up propaganda trucks.

Go back to the rally and dance.

Take down both Cyrus and the cops. Once the battle is over, approach Kinzie and the mission will end shortly.