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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 15 - The Very Next Day

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After the cutscene, you'll enter Gat's mind. Move to the right, eliminate the approaching enemies.

Approach objects/weapons lying on the ground to collect them.

Fight through the third level, then face off against Jyunichi the big boss.

You have to defeat him twice. He will respawn and has super powers after you take him down once.

Now you'll be transferred onto the alien spaceship. Go forward, killing everything in your path.

Search for Gat's Pod. Unfortunately it's empty now. Keep going now, to Find Gat.

Follow the star-marker and you'll end up in a big area. Your objectives will turn into "Kill Everything". Go nuts taking out all of the aliens and Marauders here. Don't forget to replenish your health by destroy the blue crates.