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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 12 - King of Stilwater

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[**Restock ammo and purchase Homie - Revive Time/Speed upgrades first before start this mission] You're unarmed and will be attacked by gang members. Take them out.

Keep moving towards the church. You only can access to your weapons after you take out all the geng members.

Get inside the church, and explore it. Follow the marker that will lead you to Ben King.

After a short conversation, more gang members will start showing up, fight them off.

Head out of the church.

Outside, more gang members awaits for you. Keep killing Vice King members, until Kinzie spawns a rocket launcher for you.

Pick it up and clear out a bunch more enemies.

Now, you need to rescue Ben that has been wounded on the other side of the church. Rescue him, then kill all the gangsters. You only have 30 seconds to rescue him, otherwise the mission fails. Purchase the Reviver time will gives you 30 seconds extra time.

Afterwards, Tony will show up. Use the rocket launcher to destroy the car.

Head back to the start point. Using the rocket launcher, finish Tanya just with one blow and you're done. Mission accomplished!