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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 10 - Back by Popular Demand

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Go to The Broken Shillelagh to begin the mission.

You'll get warped on a plane, powerless and only provided with a handgun. Follow the star marker, while keeping an eye out for enemies.

Enter the room, which a cutscene will be triggered. Now you have to save Shaundi.

Carefully jump over the gaps on the floor. Make sure to choose the paths with the shortest gaps or else you have to restart this mission from the checkpoint.

Keep moving forward until you end up in a nightclub. Make your way downstairs.

Use the stun gun on Veteran Child to electrify him first,

then shoot him with any of your preferable gun.

Things are getting worse, so Kinzie will load up a gun for you. Pick up the Disintegrator in the crate, then kill all of the Veteran Child clones.