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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 13 - From Asha with Love

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After the cutscene, go forward down the passageway.

Shoot out the light in front of you before charging in.

Destroy the lights first, then stealth kill the guard by pressing F button.

There's a guard in your way, so go through the air duct.

Still hiding in the air duct, take out another light then kill the guard. Keep going.

Hide under a box, sneak forward, then wait until the guards walk past you. You need to stay behind them to perform box stealth kill. Finish four of them.

Proceed to the next area to find yourself in a hallway protected by the laser field. Use the air duct once again.

After the cutscene ends, start moving forward...

then eliminate all of your enemies.

Go through the now-opened door to a huge place resembling a server room.

There will be new waves of guards to eliminate. A while later, Evil You will show up.

During the battle with Evil You, try to shoot his head while avoiding his attack or the henchmen's.

Follow the instruction, and shoot the generator to prevent Evil You from regenerate his health. He will keep using the generator once his health drops to 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4.

Stay alert and keep your eyes open as your teammate might be in danger and need your help. You're only given one minute to save her.

After killing Evil You, a cutscene will end the mission.