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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 14 - Emergency Situation

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SOMETHING'S WRONG IN STEELPORT > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Simply enter the simulation, then listen to what Kinzie has to say.

REMOVE THE CLONES FROM STEELPORT > Meet up with CID. Use Telekinesis to throw it into the air.

Head to the relay point on your map now. Destroy it.

Go to the second point, throw CID into the air again.

Find the relay location, blow them both up.

Proceed to the third location. This time there are six relays to be destroyed.

Now, on the fourth location, a new type of enemy shows up - Marauder.

To defeat it, shoot at it's weak point. There's a green shining panel at the back of it's head. [**Freeze Blast it first to stop it from moves it's head around, then shoot at the green panel)

Throw CID into the generator to deactivate the shield. Then destroy the relay.

Proceed to the next location. Use Telekinesis to throw the clones back into source.

A throwback clone will spawn from the source, beat him up until he's weak enough to be thrown back through the portal.

[**Tips: Fight your enemies on the rooftop so that the clones can't throw objects to you. Keep Freeze Blast them to disable their shield, then shoot them.]

Two more throwback clones pop out, so repeat the process all over again.

Go to the Data Surge, defeat the Warden

Kill the Warden and you'll learn the new passive super power - Buff.

Finish the tutorial to end the mission.