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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 11 - The Boss Goes to Washington

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You'll begin this mission at the Saint's Flow office. Pierce were attacked by the Canmen and they will start attacking you too. Shoot them.

Move upstairs to get SMG.

Get shotgun, then the rifle.

Get down to the pool deck to get an RPG.

Suddenly, you were attacked by Paul, the Mega-Can. Return the attacks with your rocket launcher.

Reload your ammo from the crate at the other side of the deck.

Keep firing, and reloading ammo until..

you get swatted off the roof. Now, shoot at Paul while fighting off the Cans.

He will start throw objects to you. Try to dodge or look for covers each time Paul attacks. Open the crates thrown by him to restock your ammo.

After knocked him down, quickly get in the helicopter. Attack Paul so that he will chase you, then lure him to the island with a giant statue.

Enter the statue, Kinzie will make it comes alive. Simply press LMB to attack and RMB to block his attacks.

When the exclamation mark appears above his head, approach him and press E to finish Paul off.