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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 08 - Zero Cool

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BREAK MATT MILLER OUT > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Go to The Broken Shillelagh and you'll be transferred into a cybernetic simulation. Kill tanks.

There are three gate keys to be destroyed. Shoot the first one until it explodes. Fight your way forward to the next gate key.

Sometimes, you need to blast barricades that are blocking your way. Later, you'll come across a trap. Eliminate enemies until your tank is destroyed.

At this point, get on the motorcycle.

Simply keep moving until you reach the end of the track, avoiding damage and obstacles. You have 4:30 minutes to get to your destination.

Eventually, you make it to the tower where Matt were prisoned.

You'll be transferred into a room with two doors. Choose the blue one to trigger a minigame. The red door will only bring you to the Credit list (mission failed).

Approach The Computer -> I Am A Slave -> Fly Towards The Purple Star -> Enter The Purple Star -> Drink The Wine -> Wake Up -> Make 2 Martini Glasses Out Of Coconuts -> Offer The Architect A Drink -> Your Mom's A Slave

I'm Sorry -> I Said I'm Sorry -> I Want To Rescue Matt Miller -> And Who's That? -> Then Where's Matt? -> Let's Do This -> I Know You Can Beat Him, Matt! -> Punch Killbane -> Punch Killbane Again ->Time To Go, Matt -> Answer The Phone

RETRIEVE MATT MILLER > Talk to Kinzie on The Ship. Once in the suit, crash the crates in front of you to find the repair kits for your suit. Blue bar indicates your robot's resistance while the white bar indicates the booster.

You can't fit through the door, so use the boosters to get yourself up above the door.

Shoulder bash the door to get through.

Kill the guards then keep moving. Dispatch enemies on the way.

Get inside the prison. Start flying over the long gap, but make sure to land on the halfway platform to recharge your booster.

Shoulder bash your way into the next room and eliminate the guards. Crash the red crates to create an explosion.

There's a small room where you can find Matt in it.

Now, time to get out. You have to defend Matt while he looks for your robot's missing parts. Stay close to Matt so that the aliens won't be able to harm him.

Eliminate all the enemies, and you'll receive a new weapon.

Fight your way forward until you get to a wide open area. Once again, you'll need to defend the naked Matt against the aliens.

Quickly get on the ship. A cutscene will be triggered.

You'll take control over the gun turret. Shoot the aliens' ships.

A little later, there will be a big spaceship chasing after you. Ignore it as it is protected by a shield.

Destroy both panels in front of the passageway to open the door. Now your ship will safely fly through the gate.