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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 05 - The Escape

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[**Complete other side quests first before start this quest to rank up your character and purchase upgrades. All stores will be locked and inaccessible once you've completed this quest.] Now get to the roof and go through the door.

You are now in the middle of the alien spaceship, naked and unarmed. Keep going forward until you find a door.

Press the RMB to defend yourself and kill the Zin.

Keep going and eliminate Zin troops you come across on the way. Fight across the bridge that leads you to a platform.

Stay on defend position untill a cutscene triggers.

Use the WASD key for direction, and the mouse to lean forward or sideways. [**DO NOT use WASD key instead, use your mouse to control the ship. Believe me, it's a lot easier.]

Sometimes you need to press SPACEBAR to move faster. Keep flying ahead, avoiding obstacles, and shoot enemies down.

When you reach the closing door, stay at the widest spot -- the bottom. You'll fly outside shortly.