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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 06 - Breaking the Law

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TAKE OVER A STORE > Start off by going to Planet Zin, to hack the clothing store. You need to connect two points using the Hacking Nodes given, before time runs out. Refer to Activity -> Store Hacking page for more info and tips.

The cops will show up then, kill them. Soon enough, portals in the sky open up where more aliens spawn from. Destroy these portals.

Afterwards, a Golden CID will appear, so chase after it. Kill it to wipe the enemy notoriety.

BREAK ON THROUGH > Go to the Rift. You need to leap from platform to platform. Try to land in the middle of each platform for maximum bonus points.

THAT BURNING SENSATION > Go to The Broken Shillelagh to enter the simulation training. You'll learn about Fire Blast. You have to manually alter your power by double tap F1. Finish the tutorial to complete the mission.