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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 07 - Ghost in the Machine

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HELP THE AI ENTER THE SIMULATION > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Start off by going to the Old Crib Ruins in Stanfield.

Then go to the location where the star-shaped marker indicates, to find the device. Eliminate the enemies.

Steal the Bounce Rifle.

Pick any CID. It doesn't matter which one you pick because the first two trials won't work. Only the third attempt will succeed.

Up to the roof top, defend the CID for a while. Aliens will keep coming, Blast or the rocket launcher work best here.

Make your way to the next location. Kill all the enemies,

then approach the panel to start downloading the AI.

Protect the CID for another 16:40 minutes. Don't worry, after 2 minutes, you're going to speed up the downloading process.

Go to the roof to activate the first panel. Kill the aliens that are guarding it.

Proceed with the second panel.

Once both points have been activated, rush back to the CID as he is now overheating from the overflow of data. You only have one minute to get back to it.

Blast Freeze to cool it down.

Protect the CID for another 3 minutes. You'll be pitted against a new type of enemies, The Murderbot. Finish them off.

As the countdown reaches to zero, the Warden will show up. Not like the previous battle with the Warden, you can't run this time as he won't chase you.

Use the Freeze Blast to destroy the Warden's shield, then keep shooting at him. It isn't too hard since you're already have your active power. Make sure to dodge his attacks.

Kill him to unlock a new active super power - Telekinesis.

You'll find yourself in the training simulation again to allow you to test your new ability. Complete the training.

GO TO TRAINING PROGRAM > Now, go to the Mind over Murder area. You need to throw people, cars and Genki objects at the matching target hoops.

Clear the challenge, then move to the next target area. Complete this training to unlock Prof. Genki's M.O.M activity.