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Saints Row IV Walkthrough 09 - Anomalous Readings

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FIND THE READING'S SOURCE > After the last quest, you'll find yourself on the Ship. Enter the simulation, and you will start this new mission automatically.

Remember when I told to restock your ammo before start the previous quest? Now, they really come in handy. Freeze of Fire Blast the Warden, then shoot him using the RPG - you'll kill him in no time.

After the battle is over, you'll unlocked Stomp -- your new active superpower.

Kinzie will upload a new training program for you. Follow the instructions and finish the tutorials to end the mission.

TEST YOUR METTLE IN SUPER POWER FIGHT CLUB > Start the Fight Club activity, eliminate your enemies in 3 waves. Simply use the Telekinesis (lightning element works best) to throw enemies/objects. Use Fire Blast on the oil drums to create an explosion.

In the final wave, all you need to do is kill the boss. It doesn't matter if you didn't kill the henchmen (if you're out of time). But of course, you need to dodge their attacks, though. Keep Freeze Blast Nyteblade and melee him until he's dead.