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Welcome to the walkthrough of Saints Row IV. I've listed a complete guide for the Primary Quests, the accompanying Side Quests, gameplay elements and a few tips as well. Hopefully this walkthrough might be helpful to you guys :)

01 - Purple Ops

Follow Asha until you reach the bunker.

Stealth kill your first enemy by pressing F button.

Another enemy will appear, but this time use the shotgun to shoot him.

Wait for Asha open the big door for you, then go forward.

Follow the beacons off to the right.

Keep fighting your way forward.

After the explosion, approach the side door. Press E button to open the door.

Use the stairs to get to the platform.

Get into position, then breach the door.

Chase after your target.

Follow the on-screen prompts. If a button is flashing, you need to press it repeatedly.

Climb the rocket. Again, follow the prompts until the sequence is finished.

02 - Hail to the Chief

Now you can customize your character's appearance.

Once ready, go to the press conference.

After the cutscene ends, run over to the Oval Office to pick up a variety of guns.

Choose any weapon.

Fight your way back to the Portico.

Hop into the big gun turret and start taking out alien ships. In a while, a larger ship will appear. Shoot it until another cutscene triggers.

Follow the prompts to steer the mission towards the end.

03 - Leave it to the Saints

Somehow you'll find yourself in 1950s. Down into the kitchen.

Have your breakfast, then pick the newspaper outside.

Hop in the sheriff's car and start driving. Take the first right, then go down and turn left onto Main Street.

Enter the diner and watch a cutscene.

Drive straight to the park.

Eliminate the cops until Kinzie sends you a package with a rocket launcher. Pick it up.

Using the rocket launcher, make damage worth of ten thousand dollars.

After you've reached the limit, the Sheriff will start attacking. He's quite agile and moves pretty fast. Make sure to keep a safe distance. Finish him and another cutscene will be triggered.

04 - Learn the Rules

LEARN THE BASICS > You'll be transferred to Steelport at the Sunset Park. Steal a car and open your Hub Menu to find Friendly Fire weapon store.

Buy and upgrade your weapon. Don't forget to buy the ammo.

When you leave the store, a bunch of cops will be waiting for you. Dispatch them, then get into the car. Follow the map to a Flashpoint.

Clear a Flashpoint covered by the aliens.

Again, follow the mini-map for directions to the Kinzie's warehouse.

TIME TO INCREASE THE TEMPO > You need to collect four Data Clusters.

Map below shows the exact location of the fist Data Cluster.

When you reach your destination, you'll see a Distance Bar in the upper left corner. The closer you are to a Data Cluster, the more the bar fills.

Location of the second Data Cluster.

Location of the third Data Cluster.

The last one.

Open Hub Menu, purchase both passive super powers.

You'll be transferred into a training simulation to learn how to use the newly unlocked powers.

Next, it's time for a race. Sprint through the blue arrow checkpoints while collecting the green orbs to boost your speed. This will unlock Blazin activity.

LEARN TO DAMAGE THE ALIEN PRESENCE > [**Restock ammo and upgrade your weapons first before start this mission, as it's quite hard since you don't have any active powers yet] Every hotspots are protected by shield generators..

and there are aliens guarding the generators. You have to eliminate them first, then turn off the generators by holding E button.

Disabling both generators causes the shield to vanish, giving you access to the central service point. Hold E button to disable the controller.

Once you've successfully disable the hotspot, one of the strongest enemies - the Warden will appear. [**Tips: Run as fast as you can. then wait for him to chase after you. Shoot him using the RPG. Pick the health he drops. Repeat these steps.]

Take the Warden's health down to 0, then press LMB to merge with the Warden.

Follow the on-screen prompts until the bar fills up in purple completely.

If you're successful, you'll unlock Freeze Blast and get transferred into a training simulation. You can use this active power to recover Data Cluster from walls

or even to freeze your enemies before shoot them.

05 - The Escape

[**Complete other side quests first before start this quest to rank up your character and purchase upgrades. All stores will be locked and inaccessible once you've completed this quest.] Now get to the roof and go through the door.

You are now in the middle of the alien spaceship, naked and unarmed. Keep going forward until you find a door.

Press the RMB to defend yourself and kill the Zin.

Keep going and eliminate Zin troops you come across on the way. Fight across the bridge that leads you to a platform.

Stay on defend position untill a cutscene triggers.

Use the WASD key for direction, and the mouse to lean forward or sideways. [**DO NOT use WASD key instead, use your mouse to control the ship. Believe me, it's a lot easier.]

Sometimes you need to press SPACEBAR to move faster. Keep flying ahead, avoiding obstacles, and shoot enemies down.

When you reach the closing door, stay at the widest spot -- the bottom. You'll fly outside shortly.

06 - Breaking the Law

TAKE OVER A STORE > Start off by going to Planet Zin, to hack the clothing store. You need to connect two points using the Hacking Nodes given, before time runs out. Refer to Activity -> Store Hacking page for more info and tips.

The cops will show up then, kill them. Soon enough, portals in the sky open up where more aliens spawn from. Destroy these portals.

Afterwards, a Golden CID will appear, so chase after it. Kill it to wipe the enemy notoriety.

BREAK ON THROUGH > Go to the Rift. You need to leap from platform to platform. Try to land in the middle of each platform for maximum bonus points.

THAT BURNING SENSATION > Go to The Broken Shillelagh to enter the simulation training. You'll learn about Fire Blast. You have to manually alter your power by double tap F1. Finish the tutorial to complete the mission.

07 - Ghost in the Machine

HELP THE AI ENTER THE SIMULATION > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Start off by going to the Old Crib Ruins in Stanfield.

Then go to the location where the star-shaped marker indicates, to find the device. Eliminate the enemies.

Steal the Bounce Rifle.

Pick any CID. It doesn't matter which one you pick because the first two trials won't work. Only the third attempt will succeed.

Up to the roof top, defend the CID for a while. Aliens will keep coming, Blast or the rocket launcher work best here.

Make your way to the next location. Kill all the enemies,

then approach the panel to start downloading the AI.

Protect the CID for another 16:40 minutes. Don't worry, after 2 minutes, you're going to speed up the downloading process.

Go to the roof to activate the first panel. Kill the aliens that are guarding it.

Proceed with the second panel.

Once both points have been activated, rush back to the CID as he is now overheating from the overflow of data. You only have one minute to get back to it.

Blast Freeze to cool it down.

Protect the CID for another 3 minutes. You'll be pitted against a new type of enemies, The Murderbot. Finish them off.

As the countdown reaches to zero, the Warden will show up. Not like the previous battle with the Warden, you can't run this time as he won't chase you.

Use the Freeze Blast to destroy the Warden's shield, then keep shooting at him. It isn't too hard since you're already have your active power. Make sure to dodge his attacks.

Kill him to unlock a new active super power - Telekinesis.

You'll find yourself in the training simulation again to allow you to test your new ability. Complete the training.

GO TO TRAINING PROGRAM > Now, go to the Mind over Murder area. You need to throw people, cars and Genki objects at the matching target hoops.

Clear the challenge, then move to the next target area. Complete this training to unlock Prof. Genki's M.O.M activity.

08 - Zero Cool

BREAK MATT MILLER OUT > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Go to The Broken Shillelagh and you'll be transferred into a cybernetic simulation. Kill tanks.

There are three gate keys to be destroyed. Shoot the first one until it explodes. Fight your way forward to the next gate key.

Sometimes, you need to blast barricades that are blocking your way. Later, you'll come across a trap. Eliminate enemies until your tank is destroyed.

At this point, get on the motorcycle.

Simply keep moving until you reach the end of the track, avoiding damage and obstacles. You have 4:30 minutes to get to your destination.

Eventually, you make it to the tower where Matt were prisoned.

You'll be transferred into a room with two doors. Choose the blue one to trigger a minigame. The red door will only bring you to the Credit list (mission failed).

Approach The Computer -> I Am A Slave -> Fly Towards The Purple Star -> Enter The Purple Star -> Drink The Wine -> Wake Up -> Make 2 Martini Glasses Out Of Coconuts -> Offer The Architect A Drink -> Your Mom's A Slave

I'm Sorry -> I Said I'm Sorry -> I Want To Rescue Matt Miller -> And Who's That? -> Then Where's Matt? -> Let's Do This -> I Know You Can Beat Him, Matt! -> Punch Killbane -> Punch Killbane Again ->Time To Go, Matt -> Answer The Phone

RETRIEVE MATT MILLER > Talk to Kinzie on The Ship. Once in the suit, crash the crates in front of you to find the repair kits for your suit. Blue bar indicates your robot's resistance while the white bar indicates the booster.

You can't fit through the door, so use the boosters to get yourself up above the door.

Shoulder bash the door to get through.

Kill the guards then keep moving. Dispatch enemies on the way.

Get inside the prison. Start flying over the long gap, but make sure to land on the halfway platform to recharge your booster.

Shoulder bash your way into the next room and eliminate the guards. Crash the red crates to create an explosion.

There's a small room where you can find Matt in it.

Now, time to get out. You have to defend Matt while he looks for your robot's missing parts. Stay close to Matt so that the aliens won't be able to harm him.

Eliminate all the enemies, and you'll receive a new weapon.

Fight your way forward until you get to a wide open area. Once again, you'll need to defend the naked Matt against the aliens.

Quickly get on the ship. A cutscene will be triggered.

You'll take control over the gun turret. Shoot the aliens' ships.

A little later, there will be a big spaceship chasing after you. Ignore it as it is protected by a shield.

Destroy both panels in front of the passageway to open the door. Now your ship will safely fly through the gate.

09 - Anomalous Readings

FIND THE READING'S SOURCE > After the last quest, you'll find yourself on the Ship. Enter the simulation, and you will start this new mission automatically.

Remember when I told to restock your ammo before start the previous quest? Now, they really come in handy. Freeze of Fire Blast the Warden, then shoot him using the RPG - you'll kill him in no time.

After the battle is over, you'll unlocked Stomp -- your new active superpower.

Kinzie will upload a new training program for you. Follow the instructions and finish the tutorials to end the mission.

TEST YOUR METTLE IN SUPER POWER FIGHT CLUB > Start the Fight Club activity, eliminate your enemies in 3 waves. Simply use the Telekinesis (lightning element works best) to throw enemies/objects. Use Fire Blast on the oil drums to create an explosion.

In the final wave, all you need to do is kill the boss. It doesn't matter if you didn't kill the henchmen (if you're out of time). But of course, you need to dodge their attacks, though. Keep Freeze Blast Nyteblade and melee him until he's dead.

10 - Back by Popular Demand

Go to The Broken Shillelagh to begin the mission.

You'll get warped on a plane, powerless and only provided with a handgun. Follow the star marker, while keeping an eye out for enemies.

Enter the room, which a cutscene will be triggered. Now you have to save Shaundi.

Carefully jump over the gaps on the floor. Make sure to choose the paths with the shortest gaps or else you have to restart this mission from the checkpoint.

Keep moving forward until you end up in a nightclub. Make your way downstairs.

Use the stun gun on Veteran Child to electrify him first,

then shoot him with any of your preferable gun.

Things are getting worse, so Kinzie will load up a gun for you. Pick up the Disintegrator in the crate, then kill all of the Veteran Child clones.

11 - The Boss Goes to Washington

You'll begin this mission at the Saint's Flow office. Pierce were attacked by the Canmen and they will start attacking you too. Shoot them.

Move upstairs to get SMG.

Get shotgun, then the rifle.

Get down to the pool deck to get an RPG.

Suddenly, you were attacked by Paul, the Mega-Can. Return the attacks with your rocket launcher.

Reload your ammo from the crate at the other side of the deck.

Keep firing, and reloading ammo until..

you get swatted off the roof. Now, shoot at Paul while fighting off the Cans.

He will start throw objects to you. Try to dodge or look for covers each time Paul attacks. Open the crates thrown by him to restock your ammo.

After knocked him down, quickly get in the helicopter. Attack Paul so that he will chase you, then lure him to the island with a giant statue.

Enter the statue, Kinzie will make it comes alive. Simply press LMB to attack and RMB to block his attacks.

When the exclamation mark appears above his head, approach him and press E to finish Paul off.

12 - King of Stilwater

[**Restock ammo and purchase Homie - Revive Time/Speed upgrades first before start this mission] You're unarmed and will be attacked by gang members. Take them out.

Keep moving towards the church. You only can access to your weapons after you take out all the geng members.

Get inside the church, and explore it. Follow the marker that will lead you to Ben King.

After a short conversation, more gang members will start showing up, fight them off.

Head out of the church.

Outside, more gang members awaits for you. Keep killing Vice King members, until Kinzie spawns a rocket launcher for you.

Pick it up and clear out a bunch more enemies.

Now, you need to rescue Ben that has been wounded on the other side of the church. Rescue him, then kill all the gangsters. You only have 30 seconds to rescue him, otherwise the mission fails. Purchase the Reviver time will gives you 30 seconds extra time.

Afterwards, Tony will show up. Use the rocket launcher to destroy the car.

Head back to the start point. Using the rocket launcher, finish Tanya just with one blow and you're done. Mission accomplished!

13 - From Asha with Love

After the cutscene, go forward down the passageway.

Shoot out the light in front of you before charging in.

Destroy the lights first, then stealth kill the guard by pressing F button.

There's a guard in your way, so go through the air duct.

Still hiding in the air duct, take out another light then kill the guard. Keep going.

Hide under a box, sneak forward, then wait until the guards walk past you. You need to stay behind them to perform box stealth kill. Finish four of them.

Proceed to the next area to find yourself in a hallway protected by the laser field. Use the air duct once again.

After the cutscene ends, start moving forward...

then eliminate all of your enemies.

Go through the now-opened door to a huge place resembling a server room.

There will be new waves of guards to eliminate. A while later, Evil You will show up.

During the battle with Evil You, try to shoot his head while avoiding his attack or the henchmen's.

Follow the instruction, and shoot the generator to prevent Evil You from regenerate his health. He will keep using the generator once his health drops to 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4.

Stay alert and keep your eyes open as your teammate might be in danger and need your help. You're only given one minute to save her.

After killing Evil You, a cutscene will end the mission.

14 - Emergency Situation

SOMETHING'S WRONG IN STEELPORT > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission as you have to defeat the Warden with a new power, later] Simply enter the simulation, then listen to what Kinzie has to say.

REMOVE THE CLONES FROM STEELPORT > Meet up with CID. Use Telekinesis to throw it into the air.

Head to the relay point on your map now. Destroy it.

Go to the second point, throw CID into the air again.

Find the relay location, blow them both up.

Proceed to the third location. This time there are six relays to be destroyed.

Now, on the fourth location, a new type of enemy shows up - Marauder.

To defeat it, shoot at it's weak point. There's a green shining panel at the back of it's head. [**Freeze Blast it first to stop it from moves it's head around, then shoot at the green panel)

Throw CID into the generator to deactivate the shield. Then destroy the relay.

Proceed to the next location. Use Telekinesis to throw the clones back into source.

A throwback clone will spawn from the source, beat him up until he's weak enough to be thrown back through the portal.

[**Tips: Fight your enemies on the rooftop so that the clones can't throw objects to you. Keep Freeze Blast them to disable their shield, then shoot them.]

Two more throwback clones pop out, so repeat the process all over again.

Go to the Data Surge, defeat the Warden

Kill the Warden and you'll learn the new passive super power - Buff.

Finish the tutorial to end the mission.

15 - The Very Next Day

After the cutscene, you'll enter Gat's mind. Move to the right, eliminate the approaching enemies.

Approach objects/weapons lying on the ground to collect them.

Fight through the third level, then face off against Jyunichi the big boss.

You have to defeat him twice. He will respawn and has super powers after you take him down once.

Now you'll be transferred onto the alien spaceship. Go forward, killing everything in your path.

Search for Gat's Pod. Unfortunately it's empty now. Keep going now, to Find Gat.

Follow the star-marker and you'll end up in a big area. Your objectives will turn into "Kill Everything". Go nuts taking out all of the aliens and Marauders here. Don't forget to replenish your health by destroy the blue crates.

16 - Death From Above

Go to The Broken Shillelagh to be transfered into a training program.

Practice your new Death From Above power.

17 - The Kinzie Gambit

MEET THE CREW TO BRING DOWN ZINYAK > [**Restock ammo and purchase upgrades first before start this mission] Meet up with your crew at Kinzie's Warehouse in Salander.

The warehouse will be attacked by aliens. Keep going until Tanks show up outside of the warehouse.

Grab an RPG, reload your ammo sufficiently from the crate. Blow those tanks up.

Shred the tanks into pieces, there should be three of them. Beware of the Marauders as they may spawn on your back.

Up to the roof, so use the fire escape right outside. [**You need to run pretty fast as Marauders will spawn and blocking your way. Or stop at the halfway of the stairs, then wait for Marauders to spawn on you.]

You'll be swatted off aside. Quickly run to the top.

Hop on the helicopter to cover the Siants.

Follow the Saints' car, blow up enemies in their path, destroy the roadblocks.

Your helicopter will crash on the roof. Enter the building through the door.

Use the turret gun, and mow down the aliens. Shoot the "Ethical" signs to set traps for enemies.

Genki himself will show up too, kill him.

Now move to the prize room to exit this building.

Get in the car. Use the rocket launcher to fight back aliens and clear roadblocks in your way.

A cutscene of Zinyak shows up.

You'll be transferred back to the Ship. Approach and check on Kinzie, who's still trapped inside the simulation.

Suddenly, the aliens start storming the room. Kill them, then go down to eliminate more of them.

Head out to the bridge to talk to CID. Now you need to go to the cargo bay.

Rescue Shaundi, then investigate the devices attached to the wall.

Take the bombs with you.

Go to the Airlock to plant the bombs. There are two places where you need to set them. Eliminate the aliens all the way.

Once done, you only have one minute to get back to your ship.

18 - Talkie Talkie

Simply talk to Matt Miller on the Ship.

19 - The Girl Who Hates the 50s

LOCATE KEITH DAVID > Now you're at Keith David's rally in Loren Square. When the cutscene ends, defend yourself then head into the building

Clear the area, then move to the second floor. Another cutscene will be triggered.

You'll find yourself in an alley, now proceed forward.

Keep going until you're interupted by a cutscene.

Kill the Zin then head into the building. Fight your way up onto the roof.

Take out all of the CIDs..

then disable the satellite.

RESCUE KINZIE > Now, meet up with CID at the Warehouse, follow him.

Touch the bunny symbol on the wall to open a portal door. Go through it, you'll end up back in the 50s.

Approach Kinzie, then step on the flowers she had just planted. Unfortunately, that wasn't her.

Get in a car, chase after the cops. Hit to wreck their car. Once they're out of the car, beat them up and talk to Kinzie. But it's not the real Kinzie too.

Stand in front of the town hall, then rewire a speaker.

Get the weapon from the crate that Matt spawns. Now rewire the remaining three speakers.

After the first one, a propaganda truck starts attacking you. Destroy it. Keep rewiring the speakers and blowing up propaganda trucks.

Go back to the rally and dance.

Take down both Cyrus and the cops. Once the battle is over, approach Kinzie and the mission will end shortly.

20 - Keymaster

COLLECT PARTS FOR THE KEY > Meet with Gat in the simulation, then make your way to the military base. Use Telekinesis to rip off the container locker. Keep looking until you find the CPU.

After you've found one, grab the CPU then move out to the next location.

There are three generators to destroy. Each generator contains two memory modules. You have to collect six of them.

Go to the docks quickly, you need to collect six more gravity inhibitors.

Gat's helicopter will start going down. Follow Gat until he had landed safely. At this moment, you'll be attacked by the aliens. Clear the area, take out Marauder the usual way - Freeze Blast, then shoot at the back of it's head.

When Shaundi arrives, get into the helicopter to end the first stage.

FINISH THE KEY > Head over to Espina to meet the CID. You need to get three power sources for the key you're building. Go to the first area, keep looking around until you find something that looks like a flashpoint. [**I've pinpoint the exact location in the map above.]

Kill the Murderbots, then take the battery. It's time to move to the next area. You need to hurry as enemies keep following and attacking you.

At this second location, you need to clear out the area. Take out the shield generator, before you can take the battery.

The third location with two shield generators. It turned out, that the energy source had blown up. Now find another new location.

Follow the star marker. The very last point.

Disable all the generators. Some of them can be destroyed directly using your preferred weapons..

but some more required you to approach them and hold the E button.

The energy source in hidden inside the tank. Get in the tank then bring it to drop off location. You only have 3 minutes before the time's up..

If you can't get there in time, the tank will explode. Make sure to use the laser and rockets to clear the streets.

21 - Punch The Shark

GRAND FINALE > [**Make sure you are fully loaded/upgrade, as there is no turning back] Talk to Kinzie on the Ship to start the mission.

Choose your team. It doesn't matter which team you choose as the first team will help you transport the key, the second one destroy the simulation, and the third get to Zinyak.

Once you're on the back of the truck, use the rocket launcher to destroy your tail..

and clear the roadblock. Soon, the truck will be halted.

Use Telekinesis to pick up the key. Bring it to Syndicate Tower.

Defend both key and the CID as he tries to hack the shield.

When the door is open, get the key and run inside into the portal.

Activate three breakers with the Super Stomp to power them up. This enable the key to moves forward.

Follow the key, eliminating the aliens on the platforms.

In a moment, the key will be locked within a shield. Disable supression devices which supply the shield with power. Continue defending the key and eliminating aliens.

Destroy three relays.

Beware of the Wardens, though you may as well ignore and run from them.

Defend the key until it makes it's way down the track.

GRAND FINALE PART TWO > Once the second team have been selected, enter the simulation again.

Go to a portal location. Get up onto the floating platform, then kill 10 aliens. Defend the portal for a minute.

Proceed to the next portal and the last one.

Jump on the roof of a nearby building, and watch as Paul shows back up.

Escape the simulation since the entire simulation is falling apart.

Get to the first gateway as fast as you can. Unfortunately it is locked.

Run to the second, then the third one. Wait until Kinzie hack the system to open the gateway for you.

GRAND FINALE PART THREE > You and your last team will be transferred to the alien spaceship.

Go forward to find the armory, clearing the path as you go.

The armory door will be locked. One of your homies will try to hack the system, defend them in the meantime.

When the door finally opens, go inside..

then put on the Power Armor.

All your weapons are inaccessible while in the Power Armor, though you can manage and equip your powers by default F1-F4.

Now, jump out through the open door. You'll start falling down a long hallway. Don't touch the walls or the laser output couplers. Dodge using the WASD keys.

There's a technique to do the jump or you'll be instantly dead. Step 1: Rotate your body to the left. Move to the right a bit by pressing D button 4 times.

Step 2: Turn back to your origin position when you're approaching the red line. Press D button twice to avoid the laser output couplers.

Step 3: Now you're entering the second phase. Move to left once and up twice.

Step 4: Left twice, up once. After this point, it wasn't too hard. Try to avoid the laser output couplers and the laser beams as well.

Land on the Blast Shield to reach the checkpoint.

Once down, run to the door to get to the power conduits.

Shoot them until they blow. Go back to the main room when you're done.

Jump out again and keep falling.

Dodge the debris. Turn left to fly into the tunnel leading straight to Zinyak.

GRAND FINALE PART FOUR > Get ready for the final battle. Jump between platforms to dodge Zinyak's bullets and keep shooting your own.

You can hide at the very bottom of the room, where you'll be safe and protected against missiles. You'll have enough time to fully recover your health/power.

Once Zinyak's health drops to half, he will activate a shield around himself.

Dozens of CIDs will swarm into the room. Catch them with Telekinesis and throw them back at Zinyak.

Once his health drops low enough, generators sustaining his shield appear. You may wait in a safe spot for a moment as your crew will back you up. Use the opportunity to disabled the generators as fast as you can.

When all three generators are down, Zinyak's shield will drop. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish him off.

Congratulations! You've just completed the main campaign of Saints Row IV!

Don't stop the thrill. Now it's time for free play or you can complete the unfinished side quests/challenges.


The Side Quests can be completed at any time and in any order. Doing quests will unlock more of them. I won't guide in details in these quests as you're actually completing the activities/targets. Refer Activity/Target page for more info and tips.

01 - Customization

PURCHASE NEW CLOTHING > Go to Planet Zin to buy some clothing for your character.

UPGRADE A CAR > Chose any car and drive to a garage to customize it according to your whims.

02 - Side Quest List

#01 - Simulated Instruction

#02 - Power Play

#03 - Gateway

#04 - White Rabbit

#05 - White Light

#06 - A Whiter Shade of Pale

#07 - White Wedding

#08 - Campaign Trail of Destruction

#09 - Supreme Justice

#10 - Executive Orders

#11 - The simulation Recognizes

#12 - Obey

#13 - Obey (Again)

#14 - Obey (One More Time)

#15 - The Pledge

#16 - The Turn

#17 - The Prestige

#18 - Payback

#19 - Under Pressure

#20 - Secret Admirer

#21 - Something to Prove

#22 - The Solid

#23 - Shaundi's List

#24 - Back to Basic

#25 - Embrace the Crazy

#26 - Fun Trumps All

#27 - Ghost Writing

#28 - Rising Action

#29 - The Climax

#30 - Three-Count Royale

#31 - Kill and Let Die

#32 - Saintfinger

#33 - WWGD

#34 - Closer to 250

#35 - Kill kill Destroy Kill


These quests are optional but completing all the Loyalty Quest prior to starting Punch The Shark, may affect your game ending. Complete -- Zinyak's former assistant informs that the Zins had invented time travel. Incomplete -- Leader of the Saints propose

01 - Nytefall (Matt)

Kill the zombies in the casino.

Clear the area then leave the casino. You will bumped into Nyteblayde at the entrance.

Get in the car parked by the curb.

Follow Nyteblayde. Stay close to him to make sure you won't loose him. If you do, you'll only be given 10 seconds to chase after him or else you have to restart the mission from the checkpoint.

When you reach the destination, it will turn out that it's only a trap. Kill Zin-Nyteblayde.

02 - Girls Night Out (Shaundi)

Meet both Shaundis in the designated location, then go to the deal location.

Kill guards then the dealer. Pick up the drugs he dropped.

Proceed to the next location, repeat the steps.

After pick up the drugs, chase Shaudis until you reach the roof.

Find DJVC's location, eliminate the guards then

Kill DJVC clones. Each time you kill one, the other will become stronger.

Once they're all down, approach the real DJVC and press E to finish him off.

03 - Pump Up the Volume (Pierce)

Get in the car, go to docks.

Destroy all of the monster trucks, use the rocket launcher or Fire Blast.

Back to the car and proceed to next location. Search nuclear material in the crates. Dispatch whatever enemies come at you. Keep searching until you find the real one.

Later, a star-marked car will show up. Follow target using your super sprint power for the easier way.. :)

Defeat Maero. Freeze Blast him to disable his shield.

04 - King of the Dance

Once Ben drop you on the roof, kill the Vice Kings then attack the Virus Carrier. Approach her to absorb the virus.

Follow Ben to the next location. Destroy the enemies' car using the rocket launcher or just sprint and keep hitting the car.

Absorb the virus, then follow Ben to the third location. Repeat the process.

Go to Technically Legal to sign up for amateur strip night.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

Afterwards, head to the roof, Chase after Tanya by hop from rooftops to rooftops until she eventually stop on one of them.

Use Freeze Blast to disable her shield. Shoot her until she'll start running again. Keep going after her until she stops.

Fight her. When she drops to the ground, approach her and press E to throw her in the park. Inspect the body to end the mission.

05 - Training Day (Asha)

Drive the star-marked car and make your way to the first stop.

Follow Asha's VIP into the store. Inside, there's a biker that looks suspicious. You can decide whether to kill him or not, but he's no threat.

Head to the second stop, up to the rooftop. You'll be given a sniper rifle, for killing the snipers that will start showing up.

Now, get in the car. Drive to the third stop. Stand guard by eliminating the enemies while waiting for the rescue vehicle.

Your car will be blown up, quickly revive your homie. Get in the rescue car. Pick up both Asha and her VIP, then head to the final stop.

This is where you'll meet your opponent Professor Genki. After you start shooting, he'll acquire super powers, rendering himself invulnerable to your attacks. Defend yourself until Matt gives you your super powers back. Finish him off.

06 - SR3 Wrap-Up

You'll begin this mission in the Super Genki Bowl television game show. Pick up weapons from the shelves and proceed through the door.

Shoot everything that moves and keep going forward.

You better hurry up, because there's a time limit. Shoot signboards except the "Non-ethical" sign.

Once you score enough points, you'll see an "Exit" sign and will be able to leave.

Keep going forward and eliminate the enemies on the way.

In this last stage, you need to defeat the boss. When his health is diminished enough, Gat will jump him, ending the mission.

07 - The Girl Who Beat Cyrus

Meet Kinzieat the Broken Shillelagh, then make your way to the military base.

Get in the tank and use it to destroy the stag equipment. Cyrus will then appear in a jet, so destroy it too.

Dispatch Cyrus and his minion. Repeat until his health drops to zero. Kinzie will take care of the rest.


There are 10 types of Activities in Saints Row IV, each is divided into three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Rewards for completed Activities are also linked to your scores: Bronze will get you the least, Silver medium, and Gold the most.

01 - Blazin

Hit Super Boost Orbs scattered along the track to speed you up.

Run through the Blue Arrow checkpoints. Avoid fire which consumes time needed to complete the race.

Upward arrow means jump. Sometimes you have to glide or use air dash when needed (depends on the activity difficulties).

Blazin - completed.

02 - Fight Club

There's no spesific way in how to fight in the Fight Club, but since this Activity's become harder and you have to eliminate the enemies faster there's a few tips that you should know.

Try to multi kill your enemies whenever possible. This will helps you to save a lot of time than one on one attack. You can use Fire Blast on the oil drums to make an explosion.

In defend position challenge, you'll be attack by horde of enemies. I personally like to use Stomp or Fire Blast here.

In the harder level you'll be pitted against the Burning Men/ Genki's Girls. They'll keep throwing objects to you. Use Lightning Telekinesis to catch the objects/kill them.

In the final round, the main thing that you've to do is kill the Boss. Ignore the minions and keep Freeze Blast and melee the Boss, though you still have to dodge their attacks. Only attack them if they're too close or you need to regenerate health.

03 - Fraud

Sprint straight at a moving vehicle, quickly release the Shift button before hitting the vehicle, this will inflict more damage on your character.

Press LMB to turn your character's body into a ragdoll. Go to the marked area, you're adrenalin will gained faster. Active adrenaline mode makes you swatted afar. Control your character mid-air by hold the LMB + W button + use mouse for the camera angle.

Fraud - completed.

04 - Mayhem

Make widespread carnage with the provided weapons. Destroy everything that moves to get the best score. Stay at the junction so that you can see upcoming vehicles and can control all of the traffic.

STOMP MAYHEM - Use your Stomp super power to make damages. As for the hard level, it's quite difficult to achieve Gold. If you're feeling like give up..don't be.. because actually you can gain points by Sprinting and hit everything. Lol :D

05 - Mech Suit Mayhem

Use the available weapons to destroy everything you can. Blast high value targets for more cash.

06 - Prof. Genki's M.O.M

Use Telekinesis to throw various types of objects through the target hoops.

07 - Rifts

PLATFORMING RIFT > Jump over platforms until you reach the finish line. Hit the platform centre for Bulleye.

SPEED RIFT > Avoid obstacles and collect orb to charges up. Press LMB to activate it to boost your speed and become able to run through obstacles.

TELEKINESIS RIFT > Use Telekinesis to throw orbs at the circles with the matching colors.

08 - Tank Mayhem

Shoot at anything that moves to create the biggest chaos possible. Destroy targets in red to receive more points.

09 - Telekinesis Mayhem

Throw the alien wrecking balls with Telekinesis to make damages. The more damage you deal, the more points you get.

10 - UFO Mayhem

Shoot at anything that moves to disrupt the system. Destroy targets in red to receive more points.


# Flashpoints > Defended by Zin troops. Sometimes, after cleared the area, a Warden will appear too.

# Hotspot > Indicated on a map with a red protective barrier, and being controlled by the main controller. Destroy all remaining generators to access to the controller. They're all marked with a yellow triangle.

# Tower > Use the platforms to climb the Tower. Activate Warp Points on the way.

# Virus Injection > Kill the waves of enemues while uploading virus into the system.

# Security Deletion > Eliminate the indicated targets marked in white. Sometimes it's a decoy and only one of them that you need to kill, so shoot everyone until you find the real one.

# Virus Collection > Steal the target vehicles to return it to the start point.


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There are three types of collectibles to find: Zinyak Statues, Audio Logs and Text Adventures. If you're eager to collect all of them to complete your challenges, do the "Pledge" side mission to unlock this Collectible Finder.

Access to your map to find the collectible locations.