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Shank Walkthrough Boss 3!

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AS you start off kill the enemies that are infront of you

Watch out for the dogs though

Move along the wall infront of you and jump unto the skull

This level is pretty much full of dangerous jumps so be careful

Climb up the wall infront of you

Than make your way up the pipe

And do a wall run after that

Unce you reach here make sure you shoot the guy infornt of you down

After that just continue along with the jumps

Once you're in the building, kill the guys infront of you and continue along the wall

"Make sure you don't fall down here because you'll die (note the red spikes)

Continue going down by be really careful and take it slowly

The rats can also help you preserve your combo

Fighting big groups of enemies can be tough so be careful and use grenades if needed

Use jumping and dodging to avoid getting hit

When you are hitting you kinda duck down a bit. With some luck you can avoid getting hit by bullets. But don't rely on luck too much

Same tactic as before for the battering ram guy

When you kill him make your way up the way and jump from beam to beam until you reach the top

Fight off the your enemies and kill them before you start to head down

Same thing as before when you are going down. Be careful

There are only small groups of people here so it won't be a problem

You'll have to do some jumping here as well

When you reach this guy DON'T jump directly at him. Just nade him of shoot him with your pistols/shotgun

You are getting close to the boss so be careful and preserve your health

You can use all of your nade just to be safe and not take any damage. You won't be needing them for the boss

When you reach this jump you'll know the next boss will be close

This is the Real Butcher

He is not that difficult to kill as well. Just make sure you dodge his rushes and hits by jumping and/or dodging

When you feel like you can do it shoot down the meat that is hung from the ceiling. That will cause the meat to drop down and when the butcher swings his hook at you he will strike it and get caught up.

Use that chance to pounce him

Make sure you mash the LCtrl button to do the actual damage

Do it over and over until you kill him