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Shank Walkthrough Final Boss!

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The final level is like a combo of all levels

It involves alot of fighting

And jumping

Be careful of the enemies with the grenade launchers they might knock you off if you don't kill them

Also be careful with the jumping

You will have to time everything perfectly

Once you're in the hacienda you will be killing enemies on two floor so make sure you kill of the enemies with guns first

Don't neglect the ones on the ground because they can do some serious damage

Make sure to pick up helth if needed

When you get outside it's gonna be the same thing but on a bigger scale and a bit more difficult

Take care of the enemies with shields on the ground first and after that the enemies on the second floor

Pick up any grenades you can along the way

Knock as many enemies as you can off ledges. It's alot easier this way

Try to bait the big guy to run towards the edge and after dash at the last moment

Start going up the tree until you reach the building's window

Same thing as before

Kill of the rest of the enemies before you get to the boss

The last boss doesn't really have any weaknesses. He is extremely resilient and does alot of damage. But that doesn't mean you have to go in without a strategy

When he is attacking just jump around him

I prefer dodging to jumping because it is alot safer

And hit him 2-3 times when he has his back turned to you. After that make sure to jump or dash away because he has a tendency to counter-attack

Also make sure you have your block button read for counter-attacks because when you manage to counter his attacks Shank will headbutt Cesar

Make sure you avoid heavy attack and guns at all cost because he will shoot back at you and most ddefinitely hit you

Just do chip damage enough to kill him. I know it's a bit time consuming but it works

After you kill him the game finishes!

The End!