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Shank Walkthrough Boss 5!

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This one involves alot of fighting so be prepared

By killing off the first group of enemies you will get the uzi

As you continue on you will notice more and more women so watch out

Uzi shots add alot of combo, use this to your advantage

Move down the elevator shaft

Once you get down be sure to use the propane tanks wisely and not kill just the one guy

Make sure the dude with the battering ram doesn't get you . He can do alot of damage in one go

When you reach the stair case watch out because there will be tons of enemies coming down it

Try using grenades but don't go too crazy

Try dodging and blocking attacks

Same thing with the propane tanks as before

There is also a huge fight in this area so conserve your health

Once you continue kill the guy in the picture with your gun as quick as possible before he shoots at you

After that make your way up the pole and continue along the rope

As you reach the first building there will be a woman and a big guy inside. Be careful

After you kill them continue to the other buildings by jumping from skull to skull

Same thing goes for the rest of the buildings

When you're finished get down from the building

After you get down and you reach the next fight use the propane tank to do as much damage as you can to the buy with the shield and shotgun

Once finished continue along the wall

Make a few jumps until you reach the next building

You'll have to kill all of them in order to continue

After you're done jump out of the building

When you reach the grenades make sure you pick them up, you will need them for the boss that up ahead

Unlike the last boss you fough, this guy has a very obvious weakness. He can't jump so he can't reach you when you're up on one of the walls

So when you start just run around while you avoid his attacks and wait for the guy from the cage to drop down

Once he is out make sure that he is always between you and Denny. And once Denny tries to pounce at you he will catch the other guy.

That will be your chance to pounc back and do damage

Do it over and over until he is dead