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Shank Walkthrough Boss 7!

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As soon as you start continue along the path

Make sure you kill the first guy from behind. That way it will be a one-hit kill

When you get the katana things will be much easier

When you're finished giving the rest of the enemies go up the wall

Be careful of enemies on the other floor as you continue climbing

When you reach the dude with the shotgun and shield throw a grenade at him to make your job alot easier

As soon as you reach this area kill of the guys on the ground first than use your pistols or uzi on the guy on the second floor OR just pounce on him

Make sure to pick up the grenades if needed

The guy with the grenade launcher shouldn't be a big problem when you're close to him like that. Just don't jump towards him

Pick his grenades up if needed

Try shooting the guy with the minigun from afar with your pistols or uzi

Continue along the path

Same thing for the guy with the shield. But there are a few propane tanks laying around that can come in handy

The guy with the battering ram although he isn't too dificult to kill

As you make your way up the wall be careful about falling down

When you reach the top make sure you take care of the guy with the grenade launcher first. Just stand where I am standing and shoot him down

Kill of the rest of the enemies as you make it to the other tunnel

When you get to the not so well lit tunnel you must be careful because falling rocks can come down any moment. The shaking of the screen is a good indicator when rocks might start falling

This is a very dangerous level because there are alot of falls and slides so be careful

Rocks may fall down on you while jumping thus killing you instantly so it is a matter of trial and error. But don't worry there are plenty of checkpoints on this level

Just do it nice and easy because you need to kill everyone

After you kill of the rest just a few risky jumps are whats keeping you from getting outside

When you finally do get outside make sure to kill as many enemies as you can from behind. It's much easier this way

When you reach the guy with the minigun make sure to hide behind the short wall and just spam him with your pistol or uzi

Once you kill him pick up the minigun because it's time to have a little fun

Start walking towards the right and as soon as they start coming out spam the ground floor and the second floor

Once you've killed them watch out for the dog that it inside

When you reach this are the same thing will apply as before but only this time you won't have your minigun. Shame

Kill of the rest of them befor going down to meet the boss

This guy is fairly easy to kill. He is basically like the first boss

Just dodge around avoding his hits

And when he rushes you just dash out of his way and move a bit further away because he will jump back thus hitting the ground

He will be a bit dazed so you'll have time to pounce on him

You'll have to do this 4 time but that shouldnt be a problem