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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Boss: Asphyxia

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You face off with the boss, Asphyxia. Dodge it's body slam and swing your axe at it's tail to knock it down. Do heavy attacks.

If Asphyxia grabs you, quickly press the button indicated to avoid instant death.

Once you do enough damage, a context button will appear. Press the button to defeat Asphyxia.

After the battle, you will see Josh running by. Jump through the window to follow.

Follow Josh through the doors.

You will come to a large area. Ahead and on the left side, you will find some ammo on the ground.

Continue forward. You'll come across a smog. Fight or avoid it.

Use the valve to open a gate.

On your right, as you walk through the gate, you will find a health drink.

Head forward, up the stairs.

Enter the doors here.