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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 10: Prison

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As you enter the penitentiary, look to your left. You will find a save point.

From the entrance of the penitentiary, go stright.

Wheeler will talk to you on the radio, asking you to come get him.

Continue around the room and go through the door.

Go down the hall and enter the Lower Guard room on your right.

Pull the lever on the wall.

Go back out the Lower Guard room.

Go through the gate that is now open.

Hack through the doorway with your axe.

Take the first aid kit here.

Exit the doorway where you came in and take a left.

Break the window you come across.

Hop over into the other side of the visitor booths.

Read the note here.

Exit through the door here.

You will come to a large room with a staircase in the center. Read a note found on a desk here.

On the right side of the room, close to where you came in, you will find double doors to open. Take the ammo inside.

On the other side of the room you will find a map on the wall.

The map is pretty large and has two floors to cover.

Go south and find a door to open.

Enter the room and take a health drink.

Go back in the large room and climb the ladder in the center of it.

You will come to the A Block of cells.

Jump across the gap you find here.

Enter the door on the other side.

You will find a control panel for the gates in the prison. You can't get it to work unfortunately.

Examine the tv monitor here.

You will see Josh running.

Pull the lever on the wall.

Go back out of the room.

You will find that a gate has opened on your right. Go through it.

There will be some Order members that don't see you right away. Aim for their head and you can kill them in two hits.

Look in cell B5 and read a newspaper clipping.

Pull the lever on the wall to open a door to the stairwell.

Head down the stairs.

Continue through the gate you find at the bottom of the stairs.

Take the ammo from the room that connects to the Shower Area.

In cell B2 you will find a note you can read.

Head West through the double doors.

There will be more double doors to the North. Open them and you will have two more Order members to fight.

You will find Wheeler in a cell here.

Pull the switch on the wall.

Wheeler will be released.

A Siam will attack from above.

This time it won't be as difficult to defeat because it will focus some of it's attention on Wheeler.

Once the Siam is defeated, Wheeler will use a control panel to open a stairwell.

Follow Wheeler up the stairwell.

Follow Wheeler, but stop in the Upper Guard room.

Collect a Child's Drawing in the Upper Guard room.

Jump over the gap to reach Wheeler.

Follow him through the hole in the wall.

Pull the switch on the wall for Wheeler.

Go West through the doorway.

Head South-East. The gate will now be open for you.

Keep going East until you get the the room where you came upstairs in the first place, go through the door to enter the room with the Prison's Gate Control Panel.

Wheeler understands how to work the gates. He says he will open gates for you.

Exit the room and jump across the gap.

Continue until you come to a gate. Wheeler will open it for you.

Go North through the gate and then continue North through the double doors.

In cell A6 you will find a Health Drink.

Head North through the double doors.

You will come to a gate that Wheeler will try to open.

It won't open, so you need to head back the way you came.

Go back through the double doors to the South.

Wheeler will open the stairwell gate for you instead.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, he'll open that gate as well.

Defeat the Needler that appears here.

Go West, towards the Shower area.

You will come across some more Needlers to fight here.

Once they are defeated, continue until you find a wall you can break open.

Use your axe on the wall to breach it. Squeeze through the pipes into the Boiler room.

Head through the door to the North.

Go up the stairs. There will be a Save Point on your right.

Continue heading North through the double doors.

Continue to the next double doors you find. They will be jammed.

You will call Wheeler and he will instruct you to go back to a different area.

Go South, past the Save Point and down the stairs. Right next to the stairs you will see a gate. Continue North when Wheeler opens this for you.

Coninue North through the double doors you find.

Keep going until you find some double doors on your right. Enter these doors to Cell Wing A.

Climb up the stairwell.

Take the Health Drink on your left.

Jump across the gap.

Enter cell A20 and take the wire on the radio.

Drop down to the lower level.

Duck under the damaged cell door to reach cell A11.

Squeeze through to the next cell over, A10.

Take the loose wire on the car.

Exit the cell and climb back up the stairwell.

Jump across the gap.

Head over to the double doors along the other end of the room and go through.

Enter the room on your right.

Take the scrap of wire here.

Go back the way you came and enter the Upper Guard room. You will find a wire puzzle here. Examine it and put your wires in it.

Drop down to the lower level.

Head out the bottom floor exit here.

You will find a broken keypad. Now that this is discovered we can solve the puzzle.

Go back into the cell block and climb the stairwell.

Jump across the gap and enter the Upper Guard room.

Move the wires and use the square button to test if you have them in the right order. The more lights that change to green from red, the closer you are to solving it.

The solution is to connect the colors at the bottom of the panel in this order: red, white, green, blue, yellow. This will restore power to the control panel.

Pull the switch on the wall here.

There is another place you can jump across now - do so.

Take the Serum here.

Jump back across.

Drop down to the lower level.

Pull the other levers on the wall here.

Some cell doors will open. You will find a note in one that gives you the code to the control panel.

Go through the double doors to reach the control panel.

Type in the code, 110391.

This will open the door to the left, solitary confinement.

Go down the stairs and continue to the end of the pathway.

Alex will find his mom hanging on a cross here.

You will have to decide whether or not to kill your mom. This choice impacts the ending of the game.

Afterward, the room will change into hellstate.

Exit the solitary confinement area and you will find a save point.

Go West, through the double doors.

You will come to a puzzle.

Investigate the left side of the puzzle.

Put the Knight on the top of it.

Investigate the back side of the puzzle.

Put the Coffin on top of it.

Choose the blank slot on the Right side of the puzzle.

Put your hand in the front of the puzzle to complete it.

Drop down the hole in the floor. You will meet back up with Wheeler.

Look to your left and you will find another save point.

Squeeze through the hole to the West.

Go North up the stairs.

Follow the path until you reach two Needlers. It won't be too tough with Wheeler around.

Keep going down the path. On the left you will come to a room that has a save point.

Use the save point.

Pick up the First Aid Kit.

Take the Health Potion.

Continue down the path you were going and open the industrial door ahead.

You come across Judge Holloway. Wheeler is grabbed by an enormous creature. Judge Holloway escapes.