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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 11: Church

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You are in a large church room.

Walk forward, toward the organ. Use the Ceremonial Dagger here.

Turn around. On the left side of the room you will find some ammo.

Defeat the Schism that attacks.

Look on the left benches as you walk back the way you came. You will find a note to read.

Duck under the boards on the left at the end of the room (left if you're facing the enterance to the room.)

Examine the candle holder/statue.

To the left you will find some ammo.

Head back out to the main church room.

Go straight ahead to the other side of the room and you'll come across another set of boards to duck under - do so.

Continue forward and you will find a photo inside a bowl.

Rotate the valve on the wall to open the baptismal font.

Defeat the swarms that attack.

Examine the open baptismal font to obtain the Chalice Plate.

Go up the stairs here.

There is a save point here.

On a table you will find a note.

Through the gate, to the left of the save point, you will find a health drink.

You will also find a candle to take on the opposite end of the hall from the health drink.

Examine the confessional booth.

You will talk to your dad, as he confesses to you.

The triangle button says nice things and the square button is harsher. Whether or not your forgive your father will impact the ending of the game.

Take the Kneeling Man Plate he leaves behind for you.

Go back to the main church room with the organ. Two Schisms will attack you.

Instead of fighting them, just duck under the boards, toward the room with the statue.

Now you can pick them off without any damage.

Continue into the room with the statue. Place the candle on the holder.

The statue will move and you will get the Candle Plate.

Head upstairs and grab the health drink. You will see three paintings. Examine the painting of the man.

Cut the painting of the man to reveal a Plate. Take the Tree Plate.

Defeat the Schism.

In the corner of the pews you will find shotgun ammo.

Go through the open gate.

To the right you will find more ammo.

Turn around and continue walking until you find a large stained glass window with some knights on it.

Take the First Aid Kit here. Also take the Sword Plate from the bottom of the stained glass window, under the knight being stabbed.

A Siam will burst through the window, throwing you over the organ and to the floor below.

There will be another Siam to fight here as well.

My strategy was to run from them and then use my shotgun ammo to take them down faster.

After the Siams are defeated, examine the pentagon under the organ. It is a puzzle. Place the Plates in the puzzle in the right order to complete it.

To solve the puzzle place the Candle Plate on Sorrow, Tree on Desire, Sword on Vengence, Kneeling Man on Penitence, and Chalice on Sacrifice.

The organ will open and reveal Alex's father tied up.

After a cutscent a Bogeyman (Pyramid Head) will cut your dad in half. You obtain the Shepherd Family Ring.

Continue past your dad and grab the health drink. Then go through the stairwell ahead.

Continue all the way down the stairwell. At the bottom head left.

Pick up the suit to protect you.

Now you can safely go through this hot steam.

Push the button on the elevator you come to.

Curtis, from the junkyard, will greet you in the elevator.

When you exit the elevator, he will hit you in the head with a hammer, knocking you out.