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Silent Hill Homecoming Walkthrough Chapter 8: The Attic

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Defeat the Schism that appears and read the writing on the wall.

Head into the kitchen and defeat the swarms.

Take the Frowning Mask and the health drink.

Go through the door in the kitchen (next to the one you came through originally.)

Examine the bodies on the cross here.

This is a puzzle you will deal with later.

Go back into the entryway of the house (where the stairs.) Pull the lever found on the wall here.

The green light will move from first to second. A passage to the attic will open. Go upstairs.

Go into the room at the end of the hall.

Push the desk.

Pick up the Heart of Darkness Medal found on the ground.

Go through the attic door and climb the stairs.

Here you will see a Schism that shouldn't see you right away. Use your gun to get the first attack in.

Squeeze through the pipes to the north.

There will be another Schism lying on the ground. Use your axe to get a heavy shot in first.

Go under another set of pipes found toward the south.

Then hop over the pipes you come to.

In the room you come to, take the Fallen Star Medal.

Examine the Jacket to see there are three medals required.

Hop over the pipe that brought you to this room.

Duck under the next set of pipes you come to.

Squeeze through the pipes toward the south side of the room.

Toward the South-East of the room you will find another place you can squeeze through.

Inside you will find some ammo.

Squeeze back out of this area.

The North-West side of this room will have some pipes you can duck under.

You will find the Vile Acts Medal here.

As soon as you pick up the medal another Schism will attack you.

Head back to the jacket and place the medals on it in this order... Fallen Star, Heart of Darkness, and Vile Acts.

One of the runes around your front door will light up.

Leave the attic and go past the stairs that would take you to the main floor. Take the Meat Cleaver here.

Now head through the double doors right next to you.

Jump across the gap.

Take the stuffed rabbit from the bathtub.

Take the Indifferent Mask from the bathroom counter.

Jump back across.

Go downstairs and pull the lever so the green light is in the third position.

Go upstairs, into Josh and Alex's room.

Look at the writing on the wall.

Examine the note on the wall.

Examine the clock on the wall and change the time to 2:06 to solve the puzzle.

One of the windows will light up.

Put the stuffed rabbit in the lit up window.

A second rune will light up on the front door.

Cut through the flesh door here.

You will find a butcher knife and a child's drawing here.

Go back downstairs. Use the double doors to enter the room where your mom was sitting.

Take the Angry Mask found here.

Save your game here as well.

Go back to the lever and pull it until the first light is green.

Go through the kitchen to the bodies on the cross. Place the Indifferent Mask on the body facing South.

Place the Frowning Mask on the body facing North.

A third rune will light up on your front door.

Go back to the lever and pull it until the fourth light is green.

To your right, a doorway will open up to the basement, follow it downward.

Defeat the Lurker.

Duck under pipes.

Squeeze through some more pipes.

Cut through the flesh door.

Examine the hanging Schism to take the Bogeyman Knife from it's body.

You will see a puzzle here. Your goal is to put all the knives in the correct places.

When you are finished it should look like this.

A fourth rune will light up at your front door.

Open the valve on the front door.

The room will return to normal and you'll exit the house.